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21-11-2001, 09:57 PM
In a state of brainfade-I decided to delete a alphanumeric string of code in my registery(win98se),how can I re-install it?.

21-11-2001, 11:23 PM
If you havnt rebooted since u did the dirty deed u can bak up the reg with the files system.da0 and user.da0 which are the reg bakup files from yer last sucessful boot.

21-11-2001, 11:56 PM

You can restore very easily using scanreg and it doesn't matter if you have rebooted as Windows stores copies of the registry from your last 5 boots.

To restore the registry:

1) Click Start>shutdown>restart in MS-Dos mode. (If you have to do a hard reboot, hold down F8 and you will get to the boot menu - choose MS Dos)

2) You will end up at the dos prompt and should be at C:\windows. Add: \sysbackup and press enter.

(If you are at the root [C:\] type CD\Windows\sysbackup and press enter.

3) Next type scanreg /restore and press enter (there is a space between scanreg and the forward slash)

4) You will find yourself at a menu of five registry backups named rbxxx.cab.

Choose one with a date prior to your brain-fade and click restore.

That's all there is to it. You will be back in business in no time at all, ready for another adventure.

Billy 8-{)