View Full Version : Guidescope instalation problem.

21-11-2001, 05:00 PM
I decided to give guidescope a try after reading about it in your internet mag.All went well and it is installed and running but no matter what I try it wont complete the starting proceedure with there site and refers me to a how to install page.I do have zone alarm running but followed that part of there check list and also contacted paradise.net my provider to see if the proxy server settings work ok for them.I did read that some instalations of IE 5.5/6 (I have upgraded to 6) may be missing something that may be causing this.I got my IE6 from the cd with this months pc world mag.Could it be the problem,they do not state what may be missing from IE6.

21-11-2001, 11:53 PM

As much as I hate to dribble on PC World, their cd's are mass produced in an aweful hurry, and you do occassionally get shipped a (.) one... Try installing the program again, and if that fails, ask nicely for another cd.

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