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20-11-2001, 06:33 PM
Hi there,

I've just started using mandrake linux 8.0. I find that a lot of the text in linux is displayed ridiculously small and in a strange font making it almost imossible to read. How to I solve this? All font on the internet, and some in the help files and such is like this, it makes the O/S unusable... Help me!!! ARRGGHH!!

Thx in advance!

20-11-2001, 07:35 PM
Fonts on Linux can be tricky. It would help a lot if we knew what software you were having problems with. (KDE, Gnome, WindowMaker ..., Netscape, Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror .............)

Assuming Netscape, you can change the fonts in the Edit-Preferences dialog.

With KDE it is possible to use anti-aliased fonts. You need to do a bit of reading & configuring but looks good.

20-11-2001, 10:41 PM

I use knoqueror web browser, Kmail, and Kword all under KDE interface. The fonts in Konqueror are 95% unreadable, and in kmail and staroffice things are ok. Also when I look at things in the help file they look terrible too. Copying and pasting into staroffice fixes that. Where the help file gives an example of what to type in a terminal window that has the bad font. When I type things in a web browser ( like now)I can't read it... How do you go about getting these anti alias fonts? I tried changing the font in Konqueror's configuration settings, but to no avail. Fonts that are specific to a web page or stored as an image are fine, like the PRESSF1 logo on the right and at the top of the page. Looking at this page is a mixture of fonts. The logo's are all ok. At the top right where it says 'tip of the day' amd 'hot review' those are fine. The writing underneath them is too small, and looks WEIRD!! The little blurb at the top about press F1 is unreadable also. The Upper case letters of this font are better than the lower case ones, and bold alos seems to make it better. I think thats enough detail don't you? Thx for your help...

21-11-2001, 12:04 PM

I managed top get this website readable... yay! I made the fonts 'huge' under the configure konqueror panel. Now the fonts are an appropriate size, although still a difficult font to read, I changed the settings so that times was the font of choice in all situations, but it hasn't changed trademe.co.nz. I think that might be because that site has a specific font for it, and it looks a mess, even now that it's big... Any ideas? Thx:)