View Full Version : ihug ultra

20-11-2001, 11:01 AM
just looking at the new ihug ultra. 500mb for $30 ??? has the price just gone through the roof. concidering i usually download a couple of gig for $27 a month....and i thought the 2gig cap was bad.

20-11-2001, 06:35 PM
You don't say... Ihug ultra is the only option for broadband wherre I live but it is an absolute rip-off, and you only get one way traffic...

20-11-2001, 09:59 PM
i might have to eat my words....i had a look at other broadbands and for the speed ihug is cheap ;-(

pity there is no middle ground for us country dudes.

25-11-2001, 08:43 PM
It is worse than that. You now have to buy the Sat card and the dish as well.

Luckily I already have it and can still get 2GB for 59.95.

However IHug say the average usage is 400MB per month. Yer sure, thats why they put a 2GB limit. If 400MB was the average there would be no cap.

10-12-2001, 10:39 PM
Well I frankly like the idea of paying for what I use. This is much better than paying $39.95 per month to ultimately subsidise the ridiculous amount of downloads someone like yourself would do.

It's people like you that instigated this whole 2GB limit anyway. Why not try actually enjoying the service that you have, rather than moaning about it.