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20-11-2001, 06:07 AM
I have to buy a new computer and I would like some advise on parts. I do not want another monitor and I wish to keep the price to about $2000, but I want a fast realiable machine.The prices I have so far include a soltek sl-75 motherboard, AMD 1.1g processor, 40GB hard disk,CD-RW and DVD drives, sound creative 5.1 and video card TNT-PRO etc.
I would like advise about the motherboard especially as this is the main part of the computer.

20-11-2001, 09:51 AM
Hello Allan,

You won't go far wrong with a Soltek 75KAV motherboard, these boards always rate amongst the very best, in any serious hardware review (see sites such as Tomshardware,overclocker etc)
and from my experience of installing plenty, they are rock solid.
I think you have a pretty good line up listed in your post, for a machine costing around $2,000, just make sure you get a good case with extra cooling fans and a 300 watt PSU ( nearly essential if you wish to run an Athlon with the setup you are wanting )the other mod you might think of would be to change the TNT2 to a Gforce2 (around an extra $50.00)if gaming is a main contender if not the TNT2 will be fine.

Hope this helps,


20-11-2001, 08:57 PM
If your preferred O.S. can handle it, look seriously at a dual-CPU setup. Two older (cheaper) CPU's and lots of RAM make a nicer system for normal use (except some games).

21-11-2001, 12:13 AM
I have a soltek SL-75KAV, and it beats even the top Iwill boards hands down on stability. I looked at changing to an iwill board for overclocking stability,by the one my friend is using doesn't beat the soltek board anyway. The other possible option is to go to the 75DRV2, a ddr board, which can also take the Athlon XP. Ram prices have unfortunately just risen, but DDR ram is still realistic for a $2000 system. As for the CPU, go right to the top while they're cheap. Get a 1.4 from www.pchardware.co.nz Tiaki there has the best CPU prices anywhere, and he can build a custom system for you too. Are you considering building the system yourself or getting one madE? the rest of the components look good, but again a geforce beats a tnt2 hands down for gaming.