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19-11-2001, 12:05 PM
My father runs ME & XP.
He downloaded the latest drivers from nVidia for each operating system and installed them incorrectly. After a system restore on XP, XP works fine but ME won't boot. The splash screen comes up and then nothing, the screen goes black and all activity stops. I'm pretty sure the OS has loaded, but just won't display anything to the screen because of a corruption or wrong installation of the video drivers. We have run ME setup again but it gets to the detecting hardware stage about 30 minutes into the installation and stops dead, no error messages or the like, just a black screen. ME is still there because we can access everything from XP.

I know we can do a system restore on ME from XP but to access restore for other drives you need to access System Properties i.e right click my computer and select properties but when we do this properties doesn't work and System does not show up in Control Panel either. I have searched all drives, and cannot find the system folder. I have display all files and folders ticked including system files - no joy.

Does anyone know if you can do a restore on ME from Dos or how can I find the system properties folder in XP.

Or, if I remove the graphics card,(physically)and boot the machine, close the machine down again and reinstall the card will ME default to generic drivers and display again.

Other than this does anyone else have anymore ideas.

Also has anyone used the remote assistance feature with XP to access anyone elses machine and did it work?


19-11-2001, 01:58 PM
hi BC,

it has the hallmarks of software configured plug and play. I suggest you make sure that 'Plug n Play OS' is set to 'No' in the BIOS. If ME supports Safe Mode (pressing F5/F8 during startup) this might get you into ME. I've not used ME before so I can't be sure.

19-11-2001, 03:26 PM
Thanks anon,

but it won't boot to safe mode either, it does the same thing, loads but won't display anything to the screen.