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21-03-2013, 03:42 PM
The actual support for this is nonexistent. Microsoft's number doesn't support it, outlook's forums won't work for me either, the support page I was recommended is actually for SUGGESTIONS. All I can hope for now is that someone here had a similar problem and can help.

Okay, background info: I had three hotmail accounts - one for personal, two for signing up to services and forums (because EVERYONE wants an email, even if they don't need it). Notice how I said I had. Yeah, apparently the only one I can use now is the personal one (which I can access from a mobile device anyway). Tt has locked into that, and only that, and it has tied to the computer, so no one else can check their eMails on my computer ever (and anyone who has access to my computer has access to my emails).

Now, in theory there are a couple ways I could get around this with the new Outlook UI, but they don't work:
-> I can't stay signed out (I can click sign out, it says I've signed out, but if I sign in - either through button or through web - it just puts me back in)
-> I can't link accounts (page won't save settings, the save button goes grey for about a half-minute then just turns blue again without updating - and on my most recent attempt, it said I needed to switch to the other email first)
-> Maybe it was confusion with 'remembering' me - I want it to remember the address, not the address and password and then automatically sign in. But there ARE NO SETTINGS for that (not that I can find)
-> going through settings asks for verification, and has the option to sign in with a different ID... WHICH DOESN'T WORK (it loads the same page with my ID non-interactive, even in a new tab)
-> trying to set up an alias only allows for hotmail.co.nz, not hotmail.com - plus, everything being poorly labelled, that's probably creating a new mail altogether rather than making an old one an alias.
-> I can't use the support forums, for the same reason as linking - whole thing just hangs forever, then fails.
-> trying to access it with a Chrome instead of Firefox? SAME. DAMN. PROBLEM.
-> Getting desperate, try with IE? Oh hey it LETS ME wait. Apparently IE will now support my second eMail, but same problem, different name!

and to top it off, the only reason I tried outlook - that hotmail was STUPIDLY SLOW - was not fixed. At all. It was, in fact, made several times WORSE, to the point of just being plain unresponsive. At this point I'm thinking I'll just be switching over to gmail, which at least works inside of a century, but in the meantime I need to access accounts other than just my main one to be able to facilitate the switch over. Or, you know, do anything. Ever. Because these days every single blighted thing needs an email whether relevant or not, and now I can't get at them, and there's no support I can call.
My iPod is literally handling this faster, smoother, better than Outlook has, at all, and that doesn't even support multiples! I JUST WANT TO GET AT MY OTHER EMAILS.
Reviews from some people talk about how the change is 'great' and they love it, so maybe they just really really hate New Zealand (that's the phone support I called that said they 'don't do that').

Please, has anyone had anything similar? Do they know how to get around it? Trying to search for the problem myself just brings up endless "why is my hotmail outlook now", or the official FAQs (which, frankly, I have never found helpful from any site - they only support really obvious questions, not actual problems). I can't use Steam (or any of its games) because I need a verification code for my computer... which is sent to an eMail I can't access.


pablo d
21-03-2013, 04:06 PM
What happens if you clear cookies/cache/passwords on all 3 browsers (IE, Chrome, FF) and then try logging into a different account on each browser?

21-03-2013, 04:53 PM
Sounds like you actually have two problems - 1 being the actual computer and 2 the logins.

The Speed, or slowness of loading isn't Outlook.com - I just went into some of my accounts and its very fast, no slower than any other website.

I got several Outlook.com accounts and can easily jump between them no problems at all.

Have you clicked on the cog next to your name in outlook and then more mail settings ? In there are plenty of options.

Even if you did select remember me - by cleaning out the cookies as its been mentioned that should take you back and not auto log in, other wise if using IE click on Tools/Delete Browsing History, then select the items to remove. ( keep in mind if you delete passwords it will delete all saved passwords)

21-03-2013, 10:59 PM
Wow I read all of that several times but still can't understand tye problem

Have you tried resetting ie?
Starting up in private mode
Using another browser?