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18-11-2001, 05:54 PM
I have a HP CD Writer 8200 and the HP CD Writer software. I have no problems formatting and writing data to CD-RW discs but cannot write to CD-R discs. When I insert a new CD-R disc, I get the message that it is ready to write to. However, when I attempt to copy and paste a file to this disc (still in the HP CD writer) I get the message 'access denied' I have tried several makes of new CD-R discs but with no success.
Can anyone assist, please?

18-11-2001, 10:15 PM
Have you formatted the disk with Direct CD?

And you are probably better off right clicking on the file and selecting 'Send to' Direct CD or 'whatever drive your CD Writer is' from the pop up menu than copying and pasting.

19-11-2001, 10:01 AM
your CD-R disc needs to be formatted before data can be stored on it, the only exception being when you are using other programmes to make a music CD. when first inserting a new disc, your software should be opening an interface allowing a choice of how you would like to formatt the disk.

If its not opening the interface then, try using the diagnostic tool, or click on your programe list, click create new disc, and choose the choice of formatting.
good luck.

19-11-2001, 12:51 PM
not to sure what the other guys are on about formatting CD-R'S ??? formatt cd-rw yes but not cd-r.

how are you 'copy and paste'ing?? from windows or from inside the cd burner program?

easiest way is to follow the hp menu,chose the prog required, select the files you want to copy then select 'make cd'.

19-11-2001, 07:58 PM
just double click on directcd icon on taskbar and it'll step u through preparing it for directcd ...

alt u can use easy cd creator, double click on cd creator icon on taskbar and click data cd ... and just drag-drop files on to correct table and click create cd.


19-11-2001, 08:07 PM
Thanks for your input. The answer appears to be that 'cut and paste' in Explorer does not work but 'send to F drive' does.I've no idea why this should be so!