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18-11-2001, 12:34 PM
Outlook Express
We have two users, M&D who have no restrictions, and the Kids who have limited access.

I can't get the Kids log-on to share OE, despite placing OE shortcut in the Shared Documents Folder.

Thanks in anticipation....John

18-11-2001, 03:07 PM
Its all about the share folder in this case. Ie where the emails and address book is kept.

As you have setup 2 users they will both would have been set up different identities.

Outlook express saves the emails and address book in whats called a store loaction. This store location though can be changed so this is how it is done.

Fist we have to choose a location to store the emails that both accounts have access to.
So you now have a location in mind, ie C:\messages (or whatever)

Now we will tell outlook express to use this new shared folder.
From Outlook express tools > Options > Maintence. Click on the Store tab and chage the location for new emails to be saved to, and hit ok. Do this on both accounts. (Note : write down or remember the old store locations from both accounts !!)

Next step is to bring your other emails over. Good thing you have wrote down the old store location!. From outlook Express now select File > Import > Messages. Now depending on your version of outlook express depends on what option you choose here. Click on 'Microsoft outlook express x and next(x being you version).
From this new pop up, put the dot on 'import mail from OEx store directory' and then click on ok.
You will now be asked for the store location, So now browse to the old store loaction for OE and now click on next. The old messages will now be imported to your new store loaction. Will need to to redo this step again to import the messages from the other accounts OE store folder.

Great now your OE sill save in the same folder and you have not lost any messages.


18-11-2001, 05:46 PM
Thanks Jess, it worked a treat until I shutdown from the Kids Logon. When i restarted & logged on to the Kids, started up OE, a box poped up and said something was wrong with the program, then I could choose severa options, like advise MS etc.. the upshot was OE cannot operate from the Kids Logon.

Any suggestions.....John

18-11-2001, 06:44 PM
More to the saga...
Ive followed your suggestions and placed the OE emails from M&D logon into Messages folder.

Ive created a working working OE in Kids logon (thanks to Restore) and Ive sent a received a few email from the Kids logon.

Before, when I selected the Store from the Kids OE I struck trouble. Maybe the 1st few times because there were no emails there.

So, at present, M&D store their emails in C:\messages, the kids still in OE default. And this is where we stike a problem.

Do I send the kids Email Store to C:\Messages? and what steps from here?

Your instructions above are good, but Im confused at the 2nd last paragraph....