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14-03-2013, 03:18 PM
Hi People

Anyone have a copy of trial version for MS Publisher 2007 or 2010 (I have 2013 but cant install it on XP). I have tired downloading 2010 from different sites, they say its trial but keeps asking for serial key (probably the trial key) which they dont provide. Have looked on technet but can only find trial for 2013. Only need the trial version to do some testing.


14-03-2013, 03:47 PM
You wont get a Legal key now, its all gone to 2013.

I tried the other day for someone,I have the Trial install exe but when trying to get a legal key it throws you to 2013. In fact its hard to actually find some of the office 2010 software as they are discontinued now.

Edited: just checked on Technet - you can still get the download and Product keys for Publisher 2003, 2007

14-03-2013, 03:51 PM
Yea, that sucks to be honest. Have spend half my day looking for a workable trial.

14-03-2013, 04:06 PM
Well I can half help :rolleyes: Heres a direct download from digital River for Publisher 2007 http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent.net/msoffice/pub/X12-30247/X12-30247.exe The exe number is the same as I have.

Obtained from 3rd post here (http://forums.mydigitallife.info/archive/index.php/t-25859.html?) BUT you'll still need a "legal" Product key trial or full -- That I cant help sorry.

14-03-2013, 04:15 PM
I can sell you a Publisher 2010 key for $100. :D
Still have 3 left, of a block of 10, that I got from Microsoft a while back.

14-03-2013, 04:23 PM
Well I can half help :rolleyes:

Thanks mate. That will work fine. It allows you to open it 25 times before you have to enter a product key. I'll just tell the user to keep that in mind and not close the app. :)