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24-02-2013, 06:50 AM

Does this sound like a better deal than getting the AMD FX 8350? I won't be overclocking

24-02-2013, 08:36 AM

Pretty close, slight edge on the Intel....

24-02-2013, 11:02 AM
Bearing in mind that Link is purely about gaming, for general computing there's not much you'd notice between them and for heavily threaded applications the AMD might take the lead. Overall they trade blows but usually the 8350 is compared to the 3570K because they both get overclocked. It's close enough that it won't really matter either way.

I'd still go for the intel myself though, it is much more power efficient, generates less heat, is faster on single threaded applications, and has an upgrade path in the i7's.
It's not scientific but my general feeling is that a CPU that runs cooler and uses less power for the same performance is likely to last longer and be more reliable.
My main focus is gaming though and so far intel still gets more reccomendations than AMD on gaming focussed reviews/ benchmarks, seems like some games do favour the AMD though and the number is increasing as programmers start to use more threads.

So no clear answer sorry, pick the brand you like better.

24-02-2013, 11:59 AM
and has an upgrade path in the i7's.

This is rather important. If you think you'll be needing a new CPU in the near future then the i5 is going to be a better choice as the 8350 is AMD's best consumer offering. If you won't upgrade until a new generation of CPU's Intel will have likely changed socket and probably AMD too (you'll want a motherboard with the new chipset probably then anyway) so it doesn't really matter in that case. I tend to buy cpu + motherboard at the same time if upgrading.

Performance wise it depends on what you are playing and doing. Benchmarks show games going either way. There are a couple of games which the i5 will win clearly in and a couple that the 8350 will win clearly: Crysis 2 comes to mind for Intel (haven't seen the benchmarks for 3) and ARMA II for the 8350. If you're sticking the purely single threaded tasks the i5 is the way to go. If you are doing multiple tasks at once ie playing games and streaming or encoding in the background then the 8350 gets the edge from the extra cores.

If power usage matters to you I suggest that you also take a look at the AMD 8300 and compare that to the 3570k as well. You might sacrifice a bit of performance however...

Depends on what you are doing really.

25-02-2013, 02:21 PM
Meh, the AMD gives up 5FPS in most games at stock, that will increase to 10-15 FPS running at 4.2ghz...

If you buy that same intel CPU with an ASrock Z77 board, you can run the CPU at 4.2Ghz ( all cores 800mhz more for free) with the flick of a BIOS switch, which will then leave the AMD CPU in the dust...
ASRock Z77 Pro4-M $137 http://pricespy.co.nz/product.php?p=1184923.....
- ASRock No-K OC Technology
Z77 Extreme 4 $195 http://pricespy.co.nz/product.php?p=1165756

25-02-2013, 04:38 PM
News flash you can OC both Intel and AMD processors.

25-02-2013, 05:55 PM
lostsoul did say he wouldn't be overclocking

25-02-2013, 05:59 PM
News flash you can OC both Intel and AMD processors.
Is that to me?, easier to clock the Intel...one click in the BIOS and with stock cooler,and even when both OCd, the gaps still widens....

25-02-2013, 07:05 PM
AMD's equivalent would be going into CCC and clicking on overdrive. Works on any motherboard...

I'm just saying the overclocking is hardly a "feature" or a reason for choosing one processor over another.

26-02-2013, 08:39 AM
icow, I'm not talking about a software feature you install to windows (CCC is sh*te). I'm talking about a feature in the board BIOS which will turn the 3.4Ghz Intel into a 4.2Ghz powerhouse which will put on another level to the AMD chip. This is literally one setting and the stock cooler is capable enough, so this is a free upgrade for n00bs.
AMD isn't even close in single thread, and for cheaper price...
$283 for AMD v $275 for 3570....
Anandtech Review

"Single threaded performance is my biggest concern, and compared to Sandy Bridge there's a good 40-50% advantage the i5 2500K enjoys over the FX-8150. My hope is that future derivatives of the FX processor (perhaps based on Piledriver) will boast much more aggressive Turbo Core frequencies, which would do wonders at eating into that advantage."

Thats against stock Intel CPUs, another 800mhz free, shows FX CPU are a waste of time.
However, I will admit, I didn't see that the OP wasn't going to OC