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18-04-1999, 05:36 PM
After having the battery running the CMOS go flat and successfully installing a new one I have trouble trying to get the computer to boot. I have tried to sort out the CMOS but to no avail. What happens upon switching on is:- The following data appears on the screen;
Pheonix Nios Version 4.03
Copyright 1987-1994 etc
UM4980 V1.0 8-02-1994
CPU 486 DX2 66 Mhz
0000640K System RAM Passed
0031744 Extended RAM Passed
0256K Cache SRAM Passed
System BIOS Shadowed
Video BIOS Shadowed

and that's where it stops and locks up.

If the Reset button is pressed five times the computer goes through the above and then adds;
Previous boot incomplete - Default configuration used
Press <F1> to resume. <DEL> to setup.

If <F1> is pressed to computer boots to DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 start and all my programmes are accessable. In setup I have set the options to default and saved them but the problem remains. Is there some other area to access to overcome my problem? Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance, Rod.

28-06-2001, 09:47 PM
Dear Rod!

I am expierancing the same problem. Difference is that I haven't change CMOS batterie. It just started one day. It is notebook ILUFA with PhoenixBIOS 4.02. The messages are almost the same as on your computer, except that my computer shows message 'Previous boot incomplete ? default configuration used' every forth time when turning on.

I still don't have solution, and would like to ask you did you in meantime manage to solve this problem.

Best regards,

Drazen Tutic