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15-11-2001, 09:05 AM
My motherboard recently died, and I think it took my Maxtor HD out with it. I have received a replacement motheboard, but the Maxtor is still stuffed. The BIOS detects the hard drive correctly, but my OS (XP Pro)does not.


Powermax (a Maxtor Utility) seems to think it is stuffed also - but it is under warranty. The main thing is that my drive has my almost complete Master's thesis plus years of my work/emails/MP3's/LIFE on it.


Before you ask, all this WAS backed up on two other computers, but that was deleted when I rearranged the partitions while upgrading their respective OS's....

*Attempts at data recovery*

I have tried getdataback and r-studio demos, but as the HD is not detected in OS, these are of no use. I am in serious shtook if I have lost everything.....

I think the one good thing is that BIOS detects the HD, which would suggest to me it is *just* a major FAT/NTFS (cant remember which file system I used) problem.

Ideas? Suggestions? PLEASE?!

15-11-2001, 11:12 AM

The first step is to STOP all recovery attempts immediately and seek professional assistance. With a Masters Thesis at risk you should look to data recovery professionals. I can't see why a motherboard failure should damage your hard drive, but assuming that it has, appropriate professionals might be able to extract your data and even if thay cannot, they might be able to recover one of your back-ups from the other two computers, despite re-partitioning etc. On that basis and with so much at stake, if possible I would halt all activity on those computers as well until you know whether your Maxtor data is recoverable or not.

At the very minimum I would take the computer to a reputable company (no doubt somebody will post some options) but you may need a company like Computer Forensics. That will cost you, but what price your Masters?

Good Luck, and next time backup your backups to removable media instead of reducing yourself to one single copy.

Billy 8-{)