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The Error Guy
26-01-2013, 12:34 PM
Hi guys,

Bit if a funny question today, but I was wondering what your recontamination would be for the following scenario, In feb I move into the cube apartments in Wellington, it's up to us to sort out an ISP which is pretty easy however being students price is an issue and since (in the case of my room) there will be a total of 5 users speed and data caps are the main concerns.

Right now I have only been told by Massey that ADSL is available, no mention of what type of ADSL, if VDSL is available or what type of sync speeds to expect. This leaves me in the dark. I also don't know if we can get fibre either, I know fibre via telstra runs up Taranaki St and provides the uni itself but as far as the apartment block it's anyone's guess. I have also been told there is CAT5 to each room, again, what it's connected too who knows. Best scenario is there is a multi channel ONT and distribution board downstairs that we can use to pipe fibre up to our rooms. Worse case, it's just a random loop and we are suck on ADSL1 or really bad sync ADSL2+.

Since we are sharing a flat, sharing the bill is no problem. At $100 per month in a 5brm flat each person is paying $20 p/m so thats no biggie, the main concern I have is will the speed be able to sustain 5 users? I am buying an Asus router and putting DD/gargoyle on it to manage device usage/bandwidth utilisation etc, so maintaining resources is going to be no big sweat. I'm just worried about what resources we can get. Hopefully if we can get a really good connection we can share with up to 10 people. This will allow us to afford a larger cap + more speed BUT this will only work if its cost effective based on usage/speed and ISP costs.

What I'd like to know, is what ISP's offer large caps with full speed? Orcon's unlimited looks good but it's traffic managed so that's out. I can see it being a nightmare during peak condition ESPECIALLY with more than 2x people on it.

So far my list of FS/FS + High cap ISP's is tiny...

Orcon - forgot the plan name
Telecom - 500GB

So who else is there who provides lots of data + full speed ADSL? I'm really hoping we can get VDSL or fibre in which case it's just a matter of getting the biggest data cap from an ISP that provides those services but I'm betting we are stuck on ADSL and knowing NZ, probably with really shitty sync rates :(

Cheers for any insight you guys have, If you have any suggestions/better ideas that would be great :) we also have to do power, so if any ISP's bundle power like trust power that could be good too.



27-01-2013, 11:24 AM
Put Gargoyle on it for per-device limits.

Your better off going with something like VDSL2 with 2talk as opposed to something like Orcons unlimited plan. The throughput you'll get is probably not worth the extra "cap". You'd probably be better off splitting 300GB by 5 people, giving you 60GB each a month... But you always get top notch speeds

The real question is: "What matters more, great speeds or a higher cap?"

27-01-2013, 11:25 AM
BTW do a check on the address: https://live.2talk.co.nz/service-availability.html

The Error Guy
27-01-2013, 05:48 PM
Oh, don't you worry chill, gargoyle will be the 1st thing to go on ;) Group device limits (for phone + tablet +laptop ) as well as bandwith management so no one can be a sack and slow everyone else down.

Contacted SNAP, they got a reading of 17db at the demarc, no VDSL available due to distance. Cut off attenuation is 10.8db :( That really puts us on the back foot. I was hoping for VDSL because we could probably share the connection with a good many people, which would offset the cost of a large data VDSL plan. Looking at the 2talk map, we are probably about 500m out of the VDSL coverage areas which is really annoying, so close! yet so far away!

Right now I'm looking at snaps plans and telecom's 500gb plan, which they tell me isn't throttled. Bonus with snap is they have off peak unlimited data... by the way, what's snap's speed like? Do they oversubscribe their lines like slingshot?

For me, having a moderate cap and decent speed is far far better than "unlimited" or large throttled plans. The throttled ones are ok I guess for home users, but with 5+ users sharing an all ready restricted network, it's just going to be ugly. I'd much rather we had 20GB caps with 3-6 mbps per user.

Fibre has been installed to several premise on Taranaki, depending on how nice the business owners are we *could* set up a wireless link... ok I'll stop day dreaming. We're stuck on ADSL and I can only hope the corporate guys who own the cube will hurry up and get fibre provisioned and/or the link at taranaki is decent.

27-01-2013, 06:24 PM
Does Gargoyle allow grouping of devices for bandwidth limits? If the 500GB is cost effective then go for it. Most non-unlimited plans people get pretty decent speeds out of ADSL2+ for, should be ample for 5 peeps unless you're all doing Full HD YouTube all at once ;-)

The Error Guy
27-01-2013, 08:37 PM
I think so, if not I can probably implement a script to group the MAC's, at least that's for data caps (does garg allow that? I seem to remember tomato allowed you to run extra scripts/parameters)

Even so, It's the desktop/laptops I'm worried about, phones are pretty eco on the usage and I doubt anyone is going to cause network congestion with a mobile. Max transfer I have got with my S2 is about 1-2 mbit, and that was burst. Sustained around 1.5 or less.

I'm hopeful that the speed IS sufficient for 7 -10 people. If not, we simply deal with the added expense and get separate connections, with our 5 lads n lasses running the show. I'd like to help out the 2x people in the single/double flat next door though, broadband will be expensive for them footing the bill by themselves or as a pair.

I dunno about HD youtube, students can do some crazy cray stuff!! But if telecom can run a school of 400 by day and 100 boarders by night off a 2/2mbit DSL connection by some miracle I'm sure 10 people can share a 10mbit connection.

Upload will be a pig though. I'm going to miss my 10mbit fibre upstream :D Enjoy parachute btw.

27-01-2013, 08:56 PM
Yeah mate you'll be sweet as. When I started at my last job, they were running 100 people off a 5mbps connection. Running 10 off a 15mbps connection is fine :-)