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14-11-2001, 07:47 PM
I have windows 95 and haven't been able to shut down without the WIN 95 RPC Wmsg box coming up saying 'this program is not responding etc' giving the wait, or end task option. Waiting doesn't do anything. Clicking the End task option sometimes works, but usually the 'not responding' box comes up again and again. I close the programs I am using before I attempt to shut down. I have even turned the computer on, and then shut it down immediately, and I still have this same performance. I have disabled Fast Shutdown but no improvement. I am strictly in the elementary class, so simple terms please. Thanx

14-11-2001, 08:26 PM
how long have you waited for the shut-down window to display??

try getting Xteq Systems X-Setup. it has settings that may be of some use to you. it allows you to change how long before windows classes a program as being 'not-responding'. it also has many other features

14-11-2001, 10:22 PM
It sounds as though a program could be hanging when it is supposed to have shut down, thus causing windows (explorer) itself to hang when you try to shut down.
To test this try CTRL-ALT-DEL, highlight each program in the Close Program box in turn and press End Task, you may get a not responding message on one them. (dont end explorer, rnaap, v34shell,systray until all others have been tried).
If one program says it is not responding then it has a glitch. You have the opportunity then to end that program, you may have to try more than once.
At this stage one option could be to uninstall then re-install that program.

14-11-2001, 11:03 PM
Use this post in combination with your other post re-word problems.

If you are still running W95 the chances are your computer is getting on a bit, and as one of the other responders has suggested, you may be getting low on disk space as you probably have a smaller hard drive. When was the last time you did a disk clean up, scandisk and defrag.

If it is a disk space issue and you are not confident enough to do a manual clean up download a program called window washer 4.1 at www.webroot.com and let it do one for you.

Scandisk & defrag (if you don't know how, find a geek to help you there are plenty around or post back and we will talk you through it)

Go through all your documents/files etc. and get rid of what you don't need anymore before you defrag.

If you do post back please send some details eg. Windows version 95a, b, c. Hard drive size, amount of ram etc.

16-11-2001, 07:17 PM
I can't believe I could be such a twit! I have Windows 98, not 95! Stupid typing error, and not just once either! Yes, I defrag, scan disk etc once a week - I just let my Maintenance Wizard to all the work. I have 4.01 GB of which 2.54 GB is left. I have 64.0 Ram. I have deleted what programs I'm confident of deleting (have been over zealous in the past, resulting in trips to the computer shop for repairs). I am Control/Alt/Deleting at present to try and shut down, it takes forever to close down these days.