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13-11-2001, 10:46 PM
I'm going overseas next year to Australia.
I must be in contact with people via the Internet and Email.
Can I use a ISP over there for 2 weeks?
Taking my own laptop.

What are the options?

Thanks in advance!

13-11-2001, 11:31 PM
Some NZ ISPs (for example Clear Net) offer global roaming, so that you can use local dial-up numbers in other countries and connect to your NZ account. Just get in touch with your ISP and ask them if they have Roaming available, and how much it costs (I think Clear's is about $10 on top of your regualar charges)

13-11-2001, 11:37 PM
Hi Pete, do you know people over in Australia, because you might be able to just log onto their ISP while your over their.

Have fun, JM

14-11-2001, 12:54 AM
You will be able to use internet cafes, if you've got web based e-mail access.

14-11-2001, 05:47 AM
Be careful of your modem, they are not compatible with australian phone system. The Australian modems are compatible with Yuogoslavia??sp?? but not with us.

Ihug has a presence in aussie,

Also to JM the aussies are not as privilalged as us, if they have a dial up acc, they pay per minute to the telco, plus they pay for the ISP.