View Full Version : Routers and Netgear Genie (a Network Magic Replacement)

01-01-2013, 10:13 AM
I used to have a Network Magic license but just after they stopped selling it - I got a maxed out your number of installments message. Three months of trying to get an answer out of Cisco (world leading bad customer service) and I am no further ahead at legally using Network Magic again.

Had a look around for a similar product to replace it but had never found one until this morning (use it for a quick visual check of what is connected to home network)

Then in looking at a Netgear Router in a magazine, I noticed they have something called Netgear Genie. (http://www.netgear.com/landing/genie/default.aspx)

This seem to have all many of the features I used in Network Magic, is free and you don't need to have a Netgear Router to use it.

I do have a Netgear AP but use the very good Asus RT-N56U (http://www.asus.co.nz/Networks/Wireless_Routers/RTN56U/) as my main router. (the latest firmware update for the Asus router looks like a big improvement as well in the network monitoring area).

The Netgear Genie is also available for android and iOS

Well done to Netgear - they seem to be putting out some good routers as well so next upgrade purchase might well be a Netgear Router.

While on the subject of routers - I got a TP Link TL MR3020 (http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-MR3020) portable travel router, great little product and for about $70 I reckon everyone should have given themselves one for Xmas.