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bk T
25-12-2012, 01:01 PM
My PC has the following HDDs:

Disk 0: F:\Recovery - 500GB (for Recovery image storage)

Disk 1: G:\Data - 1TB (for data storage)

Disk 2: 100MB (system reserve), C:\Windows 7 OS (460GB); D:\Data2 470GB (for data storage)

When I run Active@ (booted from CD) to create a system image (preparing for my SSD upgrade), Active@ detected Disk 1 as C:\ ; and Disk 2 as D:\ & E:\ . Anyway, the image was created succesfully but yet to be proven OK when I get my SSD in the next few days. When creating the image, I ticked the system reserved, header (something like that, can't remember the exact term) and D:\ (supposed to be my C:\ ) but excluded E:\.

Have I done it correctly? I am a bit puzzled as to why Active@ is detecting my storage drive (G:\) as C:\ ; will this affect my re-imaging when I put in my new SSD?

Also, do I need to change the Disk order and make my boot disk as Disk 0, I think by swapping the SATA cable will rectify this. Or, it's OK just to leave it alone?

25-12-2012, 04:09 PM
I really wouldn't worry about what drive letter it thinks it has. It asks for source, and then destination. Just pick accordingly. And same when you restore.

It's probably because of the way you have the disks installed.

But whatever...it works just fine.