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23-12-2012, 11:34 PM
I am just interested to know how many devices you have and how you spread the uses across them ...

I myself have a PC, a laptop too with studies and a Smartphone. I don't intend to get a tablet since I have a laptop, tablet will just be used at home cos I don't take it out, on travel I like to go light. Smartphone is good enough.

23-12-2012, 11:50 PM
9 devices, the4 of us all smart phones, two computers, iPad and two apple tvs

24-12-2012, 12:22 AM
Internet-connected devices between my wife and I we have:
3 Desktops (One each and a spare gaming one)
2 Laptops
3 Smartphones (I've just upgraded, one's about to be sold)
1 Tablet (N7)
1 Wii
1 Wii U
1 SmartTV
1 Fileserver
1 WDTV Live
1 PlayOn Media Player
2 TiVos
2 ATA Adapters for personal phone line
1 VoIP phone for work

Do I count the Bluray player and the Onkyo receiver, even though they basically do nothing online and we never use their online functionality? ;-)

We go through anywhere from 80GB -> 190GB a month.

Take my N4 with me everywhere and my N7 most places.

24-12-2012, 02:21 AM
Between two of us ...

1x Desktop PCs, one with dual monitors
1x HTPC (will probably sell, redundant now)
2x Laptops, VAIO Z (i7) and HP ProBook (i5)
Bought a ZenBook before going overseas in May but sold it after we got back.
Even though the VAIO Z is 3 years old, it is still better than most recent releases.
The Zenbook is no lighter than my VAIO Z, although thinner, but not full HD screen.
The VAIO Z is lighter than the MacBookAir 13", and complete with DVD writer and all ports
one would need (no USB3 though, 3x USB2, VGA+HDMI+LAN+Express card slot)
Dual memory card readers (MS and SD) and Full 1920x1080 HD screen, 8GB RAM
and 256GB SSD (Quad 64GB RAID). and backlit keyboard, really missed that when using
the Zenbook.

1x File server PC, DLNA and VoIP server (3CX and Asterisk)
1x ATA adapter for VoIP
1x Galaxy S3
1x Galaxy Note 2
1x Galaxy Tab 7.7
1x Freebie Huawei Smartphone
2x Galaxy WiFi Players (to be sold)
1x WD TV Live (To be sold)
2x MHL adapters (To be sold, was for S2 and Note)
2x Panasonic SmartTVs
1x DVR and 3D BluRay, both internet enabled.
2x Old DVRs, use with old 32" TV in garage
1x Dlink IP Cam
2x Bluetooth speakers
2x Network Printers
2x USB Freeview Tuners for the laptops (rarely used)
1x Video Capture card in the desktop PC, for capturing any legacy video tapes etc, kept one VCR for that purpose.
1x Android media player, never used, bought it from a supplier to try, never got around to it and totally redundant
now with the SmartTVs and AllShare on the Galaxy gadgets.

A few more old PCs and laptops, just for testing and for parts.

Mix of Windows XP Pro SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7 Pro SP1 and just got a new Samsung 840Pro SSD and Windows8 Pro to play with.
Only installed the Win8 in a VM so far, will see how I like it before upgrading either my Desktop PC (XP) or Windows7 on my VAIO.
Still prefer XP when it comes to copying files across the network, both Vista and Windows7 suck! Get RichCopy if you need to copy
large amount of files in a hurry; i.e. copying 20K email at 1am the night before flying overseas. >_< Mind you, all my email accounts
are routed through Gmail now, so all I need is my phone if I am in dire need to find an old email.

Use my desktop and laptops everyday. Always have my laptop and 2 Smartphones with me when I am out and about for work.
Otherwise, just the two phones. Used to take the Galaxy Tab 7.7 (stunning screen) with me along with the laptop, but don't use
it much now since I got my Note2. Will keep it as a glorified photo frame and giant media player and remote. Will probably use it
more when I can get JellyBean onto it. The Note2 basically does everything and fits in my pocket, have used it in place of a laptop
to RDP many times for work. It can easily beam any photos and videos to both SmartTVs and music to bluetooth speakers, can
play EVERYthing from the file server via WiFi. Wish I can get the dual SIM version of the Note2 though (only available in China),
would save carrying two phones. Both SmartTVs can play "most" files from the file server via WiFi or LAN as well, haven't figure
out why some doesn't play yet. The WebCam bundled with the SmartTV is brilliant, it is so much better to Skype on 55" than
5.5" LOL

With 3CX or Asterisk and the ATA adapter, my landline phone calls can follow me on my smartphone (free, as it is routed via the
internet). I can pick up calls made to my landline with a SIP phone app on the Note2 and check voice mail while overseas. I can
also make FREE local calls back here from anywhere in the world via my home line using the SIP phone app.

The Dlink IP cam was bundled with a router, so was FREE, can monitor my puppy while we are out and about. ;-)

P.S. For people who think Android is hard to use, I got my mum (70+) onto an old Galaxy S and within minutes
she can WhatsApp, sending and receiving IM, Photos & Videos, she can Skype and email us irrespective where
I am. Up until she got this new "old" phone, she has never ever been able to TXT before, now she makes smart
comments complimented by all the emoticons in WhatsApp! She loves viewing photos and videos on the bigger
screen compare to the dumb phones she had before.

She still doesn't understand any of it, just know enough to do what she needs.

24-12-2012, 07:45 AM
1 smartphone
1 stupid phone (SWMBO's)
Sony tablet
1 netbook
1 laptop
1 Sony "Z" series Walkman (Android operated)
2 Smart TV's
Panasonic 850 BD player/recorder/writer

and me of course...the smartest one of the lot :clap

Ken ;)

24-12-2012, 07:48 AM
It's scary when it's all listed out:

2 Desktops
4 laptops
2 TiVos
1 HTC Sensation
1 LG Optimus
1 Sony Xperia U
1 iPhone 3GS
1 Nexus 7
1 Transformer Pad (TF101)
1 Wireless Canon printer
1 iPod Touch

Plus, at least weekly, my laptop from work

24-12-2012, 07:58 AM
1 PC.
1 cellphone - but it's not net capable so I guess doesn't count for your list.

24-12-2012, 08:13 AM
2 PCs Son's gameing one Win 7, and one XP spare.
1 Smartphone used mainly as wi-fi hotspot when no wireless avaiable for Tablet, and txting.
1 PS3 Used for Games, DVDs.
1 Android Tablet tf101. I use for everything, even a radio.
1 iPad (on loan till after New Year)
1 32" Samsung TV.


24-12-2012, 08:28 AM
Between myself, my wife, and our 3 year old - 4 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 netbooks, 3 tablets, 3 smartphones, a Wii and an AndroidTV. The phones, tablets and desktops get used near-daily, the laptops/netbooks occasionally for travel and to be honest the Wii and ATV hardly get touched.

24-12-2012, 08:38 AM
1.8 PCs.

Not quite 2, because I haven't got around to getting another mouse, so that gets swapped around a bit. Lucky it's just me (Although I let my upstairs neighbour leech off the my internet usage)

Speedy Gonzales
24-12-2012, 08:40 AM
2 Desktops, both connected to the net wirelessly. An Xbox, which is also wireless, wireless canon printer, which supports Airprint, 1 smartphone, normal cell. Both can get online.

Brought a Panasonic Bluray/DVD player last week. Which supports LAN and wireless. But the wireless is separate (you have to buy the adapter). It supports DLNA.

So, once I get the adapter, I should be able to play MP4's on this hdd. To the TV. Had an older bluray player which supported MP4, but I had to convert them before it could play them. The Panasonic can play them as is from Youtube. Via USB.

Next thing I may get is a hdd for it. since it supports FAT or NTFS formatted hdd's. Dont have an LCD TV (besides the monitor I'm using - with a USB tuner)

24-12-2012, 08:50 AM
Ok being 100% serious you do not want me to answer this.
Would take a while and would be quite long.
But if people wish me to I will.

24-12-2012, 09:01 AM
3 people

4 desktops (one runs my 3D printer)
2 laptops
1 tablet
1 file server
2 smart phones

24-12-2012, 09:14 AM
I'm part of the minor groups :p
I didn't count tv's, but it's a CRT - we don't buy stuff if we have things still working. i don't count receivers, routers, printers etc. Just things that you can actually get online and do the usual things - surf, email etc.

since everyone has counted others in the household:
Myself - PC, laptop, smartphone. smartphone is just calls, text, read emails and read news/weather, skype and gps (overseas). i don't download other apps.

Others here - one netbook (his main), xbox360 but cannot go online b/c he hasn't purchased the Internet Explorer subscription, he can only do online gaming but not freq. A old free PC just to manage the printer, saves us buying a print server :lol: but the older CRT monitor it has is showing wear and tear after 10-13yrs. He also has a 3" Android cellphone but has switched back to a dumb phone.

I basically try to steamline it all and have no overlap. Never took a laptop to travel unless we had a family road trip (once). Overseas nope. I travel with a daypack only :D So the toothpastes has to be within 50g or 50ml for liquids. More devices = more chargers and cables and carry cases :D

Speedy Gonzales
24-12-2012, 09:17 AM
If he can play online on the Xbox he can use IE. All it needs is a gold sub. IE doesn't need a separate sub, But, you have to have a gold sub, to use it

24-12-2012, 09:23 AM
If he can play online on the Xbox he can use IE. All it needs is a gold sub. IE doesn't need a separate sub, But, you have to have a gold sub, to use it

I don't think he has Gold then. He has the other cheaper voucher card whatever it is. I'm not too into those things. Xbox credit or points .....

Speedy Gonzales
24-12-2012, 09:26 AM
K. Sounds like MS points, so he can pay for whatever. So, he can play it (if it's a game)

24-12-2012, 09:45 AM
K. Sounds like MS points, so he can pay for whatever. So, he can play it (if it's a game)

He says Gold is a monthly/yearly payment? Sound right ..

The Error Guy
24-12-2012, 09:49 AM
Wow, it IS rather freaky to read it out,

3x laptops
3x Smartphones
1x Dumb phone
1x Desktop
VoIP serving 3x internal phones (one line though)

Speedy Gonzales
24-12-2012, 09:54 AM
He says Gold is a monthly/yearly payment? Sound right ..

Yup, you can get a gold sub for 3 mths, 6 mths (I think), and a year. When you buy some games, it may also come with a 1 mth gold sub key

24-12-2012, 11:17 AM
1 HDD recorder
1 satellite receiver
1 DTT receiver
1 laptop (wireless)
1 multi printer scanner (twin spare in cupboard)
1 android phone
1 broadband wireless router
1 ethernet switch
1 wireless repeater
1 voip phone
1 NAS drive
2 basic mobiles
3 lcd tv (32, 19, 15)
3 USB backup drives
4 desktops (one wireless) (another 2 under repair)
5 home phone extensions
and a partridge in a pear tree!

24-12-2012, 11:48 AM
My main devices are one desktop PC (used the most while at home and used for general tasks and video editing), the netbook and my smartphone (used often on the go :p).

I do have some other desktop PCs but they're not connected to the internet yet as there's no Ethernet jack by the workbench yet.

24-12-2012, 11:57 AM
2x Desktops
-Main one for about everything (the one in my signature)
-The other is just an old one for testing hardware and things like that
1x Laptop (family laptop)
-Use this for emails and internet surfing. (don't wanna get my desktop infected with virus's now :p)
1x 1TB Portable HDD
1x Laser Printer B&W
1x Xbox 360 S
- For playing games like Forza 3 and Halo
1x Skullcandy headset
1x Nintendo DS
1x TV
2x Flash drive (16 GB, 4GB)

and......no phone :P

24-12-2012, 12:11 PM
One laptop used for internet use. Desktop used for some gaming. Ipad Mini for when I can't be bothered using the laptop. Huawei Y100 for mucking around with Android. Nokia 100 as main cellphone.

24-12-2012, 12:14 PM
1 x W7 Desktop gets 99% of the computer use
1 x W7 Laptop gets 1% use
1 x Panasonic digital recorder for 'archiving'
countless external drives and bare SATA drives for 'archives' and backup of archives, backup of Steam, backup of other systems for friends, family
(my life has become a jumble of backups of backups)
2 x WD Play, for enjoying the 'archives'
1 x W98 Desktop (for those odd times you need the older tech)
About a dozen WXP Desktops in an incomplete state of repair... destined as upgrades for friends, family, charities if / when they get fixed up.
Insufficient monitors for all those desktops
A seriously crazy number and array of cables, adapters, power supplies (not PSUs)
1 x VCR gathering dust
1 x 5 disc DVD player gathering dust
1 x 30 year old stereo, gathering dust

24-12-2012, 07:43 PM
My own:
1x Desktop
- for teh gaming and also PS3 mediaserver (FTW!!)
- constantly upgraded since 2005 - only thing that's the same is the case and the DVD. I could build another two systems with two cases and one CPU.
1x Samsung QX412 Laptop
- i5 Goes with me everywhere.
1x Iphone
1x Ipad
1x Nokia
7x HDDs in various, mostly dead RAID0s that I'll take down to someone to recover if possible ONE DAY
4x external HDDs all 2.5"

At home:
1x PS3 - I don't game on it anymore, so it's basically just for streaming content
4x Laptops - 2x HP + 2x Toshiba

Chemical Ali
25-12-2012, 05:01 PM
2 Adults/3 Tech Savvy Kids (and one loud baby ...)

1 x 17" Laptop
2 x 15" Laptops
1 x 11.6" Netbook
1 x iPhone 4s
1 x iPad 2
1 x HTC Sensation
2 x Samsung Ace Android Smartphones (teenage daughters)
1 x WDTV Live Hub
1 x Mediagate MG-350
2 x Xbox 360s
2 x iPod Touch (4th Gen & 5th Gen)
3 X Plasma/LCD TVs (42, 40, 32) - all dumb
1 x Blu-Ray Player
4 x DVD Players
4 x External HDDs
1 x WD My Book NAS Drive
1 x Kindle Fire
1 x Kindle Touch

Gee ... maybe there is some credibility to the wife's semi-constant agitating about all the tech in the house

26-12-2012, 08:47 AM
2 adult household

1 x Win 8 laptop
1 x Win 8 desktop
1 x Win XP desktop
1 x Android tablet
2 x Samsung smartphone
1 x WD TV Live
1 x Panasonic projector
1 x 50" plasma
1 x 42" plasma
1 x 32" plasma
1 x 32" LCD
2 x Xbox 360
1 x PS3
1 x Pioneer internet connected home theatre receiver
1 x Epson Perfection V500 scanner
1 x Canon Pro 9000 printer
1 x Brother B&W laser printer
1 x External hard drive
1 x Altec Lansing MX5021 PC speakers
Numerous other PC/laptop/LCD screens etc in various states of decay

It doesn't seem that much til you have to list it......

29-12-2012, 06:43 PM
1 PC,
1 Tablet N7, Arrived this morn,
1 Laptop,
42" Plasma,
1 Dual HD recorder,
1 32" LCD TV,
2 CD recorders,
2 Printers-scanners,
2 Smart phones + cell phone.