View Full Version : You think we are the only ones with Data Caps?

23-12-2012, 07:57 AM
Here is a news link about Data Caps in the USA


That senator thinks the USA is being left behind by Japan, Korea and France.

The Error Guy
23-12-2012, 01:46 PM
Dumb news, bandwith caps? No, data caps. Yes

Perhaps they are being left behind with speeds capped at |X|mbits but their caps are massive, at least that's what they seem to be (esp compared to NZ) A friend of mine pays some $80 a month for TV+ 600GB of data and I think phone too. Apparently that is "quite expensive" (in the same way I'd say $120 a month is "quite expensice" for naked broadband here. Phone + TV + Huge data? Not NZ just yet, we can get the phone + some data ok though.

23-12-2012, 10:46 PM
Dumb . . . " (in the same way I'd say $120 a month is "quite expensice" for naked broadband here. . . . .
I would say it is hilarious, except for those paying that sort of Marx Bros prices. ;)

23-12-2012, 11:27 PM
You can get 500GB plans from Telecom now. If that's not enough for most people I don't know what is...

Anyone with a brain knows America isn't as great and awesome as they like to tell everyone.

The Error Guy
24-12-2012, 10:06 AM
Indeed, our household would probably use close to 100GB with general surfing on a "good" month (good meaning we used it a lot) however this is a new statistic since my sister has moved back to NZ (and subsequently calling her boyfriend/other friends via skype etc) Once that dies down I'm guessing we'll sit at around 60gb, maybe 80.

It depends on what you download, a game from steam is about 15GB (unfortunately not zero rated by orcon anymore :( ) which in some households can chew through the data fast. As Agent said, I doubt any normal family could get through 500GB without hitting the torrents ;)

Only time you *might* exceed that is if you were operating a server from home, but even when I was using our SSH box as a proxy the most I used was 100GB (50gb down/up)

The issue in NZ isn't so much the size, but the cost. That being said, NZ doesn't offer a huge range of streaming services. The US has their netflix/hulu lot as well as google's expectation to sync to the cloud and stream your content from there. Even apple is heading that way. All that streaming adds up a lot, especially if you have a family/flat mates, 3-4 people streaming TV shows and movies daily is sure to clock up a bit of data. Part of the reason I probably won't get a Nexus 4 is because the onboard storage is so small since it's kind of assumed you'll get all the storage you need online, unfortunately in NZ that just ain't gonna work just yet.