View Full Version : MSE says I have another AV installed, but I don't!

Billy T
21-12-2012, 05:45 PM
Hi Team

MSE has mucked me around a bit in recent months, declining to start the AV program while the firewall and automatic updates stay green. I found that I could fix that by updating manually, but it took a lot of fiddling around.

I rebooted earlier this afternoon for reasons unrelated to any problem, and now MSE is saying I have another AV installed and again refuses to start. A second cold reboot made no difference so I'm at a loss to know what is going on. In the past it has refused to start the firewall and made it difficult to update but I usually got around that in the end.

I ran a scan with MWB but that didn't turn up anything and neither did Spybot.

Any ideas? I'm off to Oz in the wee small hours so if not fixed now, it will be next year before I get back to it and MS will doubtlessly throw a hissy-fit because my AV signatures will be well out of date.


Billy *<8-)=

Billy T
21-12-2012, 05:51 PM
Belay that! I made one more attempt to update via the main console and it finally kicked in. I made no progress with either update option, then the one accesssed from the green icon in the system tray finally woke up.

What a relief!


Billy *<8-{)=