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The Error Guy
18-12-2012, 04:55 PM
Just had the installers finish up the fibre install, everything good with the ONT up and running and Genius internet working, can't speak for VoIP since that's yet to be configured (at orcon's end) and our number is yet to come across from telecom.

The installers were great chaps, really good to work with, so far our house has the record for the oldest fibre install that they have done at 145 years :D although it was a right pain getting the fibre through to the ONT. They spent a long time doing it in poor weather. Other than that it looks great and works well. Syncing at 28mbps down and about 9 up. Our plan is to give us 30/10. So far I haven't done any real world transfers to see what I can actually attain but I'm guessing in the region of 3MB/S down and 1MB/S up.


Install was clean and easy, and they also brought new copper in from the street in case we should ever want to go back which is good. If anyone wants to see some pics so they can know what to expect I have some or any queries about the process I'd be happy to fill them in. I'm happy with the work and service although the provided handset is f***** ugly!! Which is a shame, it is DECT though so the actual base station is wireless (which is good) and I have looped the rest of the phones (or rather, phone) into the copper to the ATA. The genius unit is good too, has a USB3 port for NAS or (hopefully) printer sharing. I'm waiting for DDWRT or similar to be released (with a bit of luck) for it but I doubt it since it's such a select device. It would be better if I could put custom hardware in. The genius is also a finger print magnet like nothing I have ever seen!

Anyway, that's my happy story. If you're curious to know more don't hesitate to ask. The chorus boys were very informative and we talked about everything from Morris Minors to changing settings in the ONT with telnet :devil:

18-12-2012, 05:26 PM
So how long did it take in total?
Did you pay any connection fees and what about the ATA installation?

36 month contract for the free modem/router was it (with the free phone handset)?

The Error Guy
18-12-2012, 06:25 PM
Took a whole day, but most of that was actually getting the cable into the house. Once they had got cable from the ONT + ETP it was done in 3hrs. The whole job took 6 or 7. They said ours was one of the harder, mostly because they couldn't get under the house. No connection fees, other than $30 to ship the genius out, Chorus do everything even looping the ATA into the existing copper, I did ours in this instance because I made the cable up. If you can think of something related to the install, they'll do it. They are surprisingly accomodating.

12mth contract for all orcon fibre installs that you cannot break, that's to pay for the fibre install itself. We got a 24mth contract which gives us the Genuis + handset for free. With the 12/24 month thing the contract only remains unbreakable for the 1st 12 months, after that it's a normal ISP contract.

18-12-2012, 07:22 PM
When you first contacted Orcon how long did you had to wait until the Chorus came to do the install?

18-12-2012, 07:29 PM
Just curious -- Can you get Telstra cable in your area. ?

The Speed test results, aren't to bad, but to be honest thought it would be faster than that :( Mind you I have found speedtest.net to be slower and inconsistant with results than several other places, which are more accurate to what you are meant to be getting.

The Error Guy
18-12-2012, 09:33 PM
I first contacted them a while back but wasn't ready to commit. I called them last week (tues/wends) and they arranged Chorus for today. Pretty speedy! Especially given it's near xmas. Chances are they won't be able to get you in until January. If you're after the free install I'm pretty sure it'll be extended into Jan, if you ring and book one in now they should keep it free.

Wainui - I don't think so, if we do it's not off Telstra's loop so unless Telstra can wholesale off Chorus no. Our plan is for 30/10 mbps which is why the speed is low (well, low for UFB) . The unit they installed supports all 3x fibre channels/bands so it's GPON (10Gbit?) capable should the technology be implemented in the future in the cabinets. I'd say that's a good 10 yr future proof on the cable (I hope!!) Orcon currently have support for 100mbit for residential. I'm pretty sure that's all any residential consumer would need anyway. They were saying we get very good signal here and the speeds reflect that. Our splices all measured 0.02dBm (or thereabouts) loss so very good connections to the house. The cable is capable of carrying a much higher data rate but since I'm off to uni there's no point paying more, even so, 30mbit is good enough for me. In the future perhaps I'll switch to a higher speed plan, but I'd rather pay for more data than speed to be honest. Actually, I'd rather pay less for more data AND speed but that's not how it works is it :p

18-12-2012, 09:36 PM
Not signing up myself, I have a contract until about the middle of 2013. Thought fibre install was provided free by the govt? Orcon's contract would be free connection right?

18-12-2012, 09:46 PM
Orcon currently have support for 100mbit for residential That's the plan I have with Telstra, 100, its not their top end one, but I really cant warrant the fastest. We have 100GB of data / month as well. Higher speed is nice when downloading files of 3-4 + GB, set it going, go make a cuppa, come back and its either finished or close to it.

A lot still has to do with where files are coming from, and time of day or some other problem somewhere. Enjoy it :) then one day just for the hell, go some place with dial up :D

The Error Guy
18-12-2012, 10:41 PM
Not sure about the govt but the reason Orcon's installs are (currently) free is because Chorus don't yet know what should be a "standard" installation or what is a fair price. I mean they could charge time + cables/resource but that would be a massive cost. Instead they'll work out what a standard job costs and how long it takes. As the guys were saying, some places are 4hrs or less and easy. Then there's our place :p 6+ hours and hard. Eventually the easy/hard ones balance out (and since most installs are done in modern houses they'll turn a profit since the modern houses are *usually* quick and easy)

Anyway, since they don't know the cost Orcon have negotiated a contract with chorus to pay for all the installs until Chorus work out what a Std connection should be. When they eventually work it out they'll charge for the connection (say $1000 to install) which would probably be subsidised by Orcon (or the ISP) and they'd pay maybe $500. So if you wanted UFB you'd go into a 12mth contact (or 24, maybe 36 and the install is free) and get Fibre for $500. Dunno where the Govt comes into it, probably because Orcon is state owned the Govt is subsidising that way.

I'm happy with the speed, although I'd like to get on my high horse and have the fastest 'net in town there's no point. It's just a residential household and when I do download games/big files I can wait. It's still better than 93% of NZ according to speedtest :D Even flatting I doubt that we'd go for the 100/50, even with 5-8 people using it. Depending on the available plans/speed we should be fine with VDSL or good ADSL, probably VDSL though so the uplink doesn't get clogged. Even if there are 8 people on a 20mbit connection it should give each person 2.5 mbit (roughly 300KB) a sec which is plenty for streaming youtube and browsing the net. As long as the latency is OK and the QoS is working. I mean, we are students after all.

If I can get hold of fibre I might pay for a really big plan (600GB?) on 100/50 and resell to other flats. Not for profit, just to keep the cost down. $150 a month divided between 9 people over 4 wks is about $4 (16 a month) which isn't bad for a 10 mbit connection with 60gb data cap. That's the equivalent of most ADSL2+ units. It just depends on the services avaliable!!!

21-12-2012, 08:47 AM
I wouldn't get too carried away with the speed. The overseas links have been slower than with adsl. There are a couple of interesting threads regarding this on the Snap and Orcon threads on a competitor's 'geeky' site. Seems like Chorus/ISP may need to do some tuning but guess everyone is on a learning curve.

OP - check the firmware version on the Genius. Mine suffered frequent phone dropouts on ver 1400. Since it was upgraded to 1423 six weeks ago, I have had zero problems.

21-12-2012, 09:24 AM
An update. My overseas speeds have now been improved enormously. For example, Chicago was 1.8 dn and it is now 15 dn/4.8 up.

LA is now much better as well at 15 dn/4.76 up.

So, looks like the recent work done is producing good results.

The Error Guy
21-12-2012, 10:37 AM
Yeah, I knew there wouldn't be a massive improvement but did it to future proof a bit whilst the install was free and to cut back on bills (drop the phone line) although that could have been done on copper having that fibre would insure a decent connection for the VoIP. I should have done some comparisons on ADSL whilst it was still up, tests with the fibre show that pacific islands and the sydney side of aussie are good with latency around 60-80ms and speeds 20+mbit, once you get to the other side of aussie though things get bad fast, 150ms+ latency, speeds drop to less than 15mbit. US is the same speed wise, although latency is high (200-300) with europe being the worst (350+) speeds all remain above 8mbit though which is good.

We really need that dedicated link to the US, would cut latency hugely. Especially as most services are hosted in the US it would improve the Internet experience greatly.

Our unit shipped with 1423 F/W in place. I'm excited for DDWRT (if it happens) or another custom firmware. The genius itself seems a very competent piece of hardware, lots of features (NAS, 3G redundancy if fibre is out etc etc) By far the BEST ISP issued gear I have met.