View Full Version : Whats happening to my Chrome?

12-12-2012, 06:08 PM
Chrome Version (23.0.1271.64 (Official Build 165188) m)
Operating System (Windows 7)

For some odd reason my Omnibox has started to play up when searching for items. It shows a blank screen with the usual Google logo in the top left and the black nav bar but no results.
After that it sometimes ends up wanting to save something called "search" no file extension.

What is this, how can I fix it without a complete re-install, and why is it occuring?

Also, normal Google search doesn't work either same problem...

Nick G
12-12-2012, 06:20 PM
Have you run virus scans?

The Error Guy
12-12-2012, 09:01 PM
Check to make sure chrome is up to date, just in case it's on some sort of update limbo (I have had that before although not what you were describing, for me it wouldn't show anything in the new tab page) , then go to chrome://chrome/extensions/ and delete any extensions you don't know or use. If that doesn't help, right click in the omnibar and go edit search engines. Just make sure google (or whatever engine you use) is in there as the default. Don't worry if there are masses of entries under "other search engines" they are there for when you say, type youtube.com you can press tab and it will enable you to search the site directly from omnibar, a great feature ;) You can remove any entries there for sites you don't use the search function for though if you wanted to be sure about things.

Also try a good old restart, could be chrome messed itself up, if the restart fails you could also clear all your user info, download history etc etc. What happens if you use IE or firefox? similar problem or is it only affecting chrome?

If the problem still exists you should run a scan of some sort to check for viruses but this doesn't sound like it would be picked up by and A/V to me. You could also try re installing chrome... but that's more of a "last shot, let's hope it works" First let us know how the update & extension clean up goes