View Full Version : ADSL wireless router cuts out (wireless).

30-11-2012, 03:34 PM
I have a Netcomm NB304N from Telstraclear. Still under a year. Had been fine previously. What happen is that my computer and someone else's the Wifi cuts out at the same time. The computer that is attached to the router via network cable is fine.

I have tried updating the firmware, saved the settings, factory reset it and reload the settings back. Changed the channel to #7 I think. Still issues. I now changed the bandwidth from 40Hz to 20 and back 40 again and the channel to #1. If still issues any suggestions I can try? Would it make a difference following a hardware reset if I am reloading the settings or if I am setting back up the same via manual input?

What happen is that the connection cuts out with a red cross on my Windows 7 taskbar. If I wait 5mins it would reconnect by itself but it happens a couple times per day.


30-11-2012, 03:47 PM
It's a known fault with the NB304N *and* the NB604N. AFAIK it's heat-related, my sister / brother-in-law had a similar issue on their DSL connection in Wellington.

Replaced it with a better make / model and they're happy.