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23-11-2012, 02:55 PM
Toshiba 2.5" 250Gb
ran Seagate Disk Tools: at 40% fizzed out just stopped with a dos message saying test was complete & there was a constant tone coming from the laptop.

pulled the hard drive & attached to another computer & ran Seagate Disk Tools again & it just quite right away
then I ran HDAT2 drive test & its going through!!?

Should I be concerned?
Why did Seagate Disk Tools seem to fail?

Speedy Gonzales
23-11-2012, 03:16 PM
But is it a seagate hdd?? Do Toshiba have their own programs for their own hdds?

23-11-2012, 03:29 PM
No it is not a Seagate it is a Toshiba
I will look for a Toshiba drive test

23-11-2012, 03:35 PM
Found Toshiba (Fujitsu) hard drive diagnostics - will run

Thank you

25-11-2012, 01:25 PM
Does HDAT2 show anything up for SMART data?

26-11-2012, 09:59 AM
HDAT2 status: OK

26-11-2012, 11:33 AM
I am getting conflicting results on diagnostic tests.
The Toshiba test FAILed
Fujitsu test: didn't recognize the drive
Hard Disk Sentinel: passed
GWScan: is scanning without error yet

is there a comprehensive hdd diagnostics that someone could recommend?

Alex B
26-11-2012, 01:15 PM
IME seatools does all brands, it's not fussy.

26-11-2012, 01:15 PM
Perhaps the issue is not the drive but the laptop itself, might explain the non-conclusive results...

For the software that do report errors, do they give detail as to what the error was?

Have you tried testing it with those same programs, with the drive in another machine etc

Or perhaps those software just don't like the drive \ laptop. HDAT2 is a good do-all program. If it comes up with no issue then it is probably right (assuming you are not running the old 4.8.1 version that is just a demo!)

Make sure you run either v4.5.3 or v4.9 BETA1

26-11-2012, 01:18 PM
Good suggestion - thank you
but, most all of the diagnostics have been done with the drive in another machine.

26-11-2012, 02:22 PM
you can try Diskinfo, it reads the smart on the drive. May or may not show anything Portable version can be downloaded from Portable-CrystalDiskInfo (http://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/System/System-Info/Portable-CrystalDiskInfo.shtml) OR the install version CrystalDiskInfo (http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskInfo/index-e.html) Both do the same thing.

26-11-2012, 02:42 PM
Thank you for the suggestion
I am going to suggest to the owner that he replaces it.

Thank you to everyone for your help.