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10-11-2001, 05:02 PM
Saturday, 10 November 2001, 04:59:08:p.m.

I tried running a program and it would not run.
It said 'VB40032.DLL' was missing.

I downloaded this DLL from the web.

My question ?
Can I safely install this file without risking it mucking up any other files or programs.
I run a P111 450 with 128Meg RAM and running Win 98 SE.

The file I am trying to run is a sceensaver from PC World Dec2000/Jan2001 called 'Wobble'.

Thanks for any help.

10-11-2001, 10:10 PM
Its a Visual Basic 4 runtime file. used to run programmes in Visual Basic 4.

Yes you are pretty safe to plonk it in there and have a go...There is as always a SMALL chance that it will screw your system. But thats your call..There is nothing odd or strange about this file.

Good Luck