View Full Version : One or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either.....

04-11-2012, 08:56 PM
Please advise what i should do about this error message i get when booting up.
The rest of the message reads ..... 1) your current security setting prohibits running activex controls on this page; or 2) you have blocked a publisher of one of the controls. As a result the page may not display correctly.

It appeared on my new HP desktop PC (running windows 7 64 bit) after i transferred programmes and data from my old PC (which ran windows XP 32 bit).
As far as i can tell the page is displaying correctly.
I have checked with microsoft support and was directed to a page that suggested i make some changes to my registry. i am reluctant to do this without knowing more about it.
My PC runs Norton Internet Security

Cheers, Gregor

04-11-2012, 09:19 PM
Norton Internet Security may be causing the problem.

Have a look at the firewall settings in NIS. Sorry cant be any more precise to the location, as Norton is not exactly a favorite security package around here.

Is it a full paid version or running the trial ?

PS welcome to PF1 :)