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27-10-2012, 12:39 PM
I've got a MyNet N750 router - with a external hdd attached and a shared printer...

With a little drama....will explain the set up first..

The set up is

2x Laptops - running Win 7
2x ICS Android Tablets (1x Nexus and 1x Galaxy Tab 10.1)

All 4 systems, CAN see the network drive - and all can access the items on the drive...
Laptops - Can write/read everything on the drive.
Tablets - this is where the issue is

I'm using File Manager HD on both tablets -they can read the network no problems - see all the files....can read all documents/pdfs etc but cannot read videos (even if the same videos work on the tablets if uploaded via usb)

I've attempted to save a document, pdf and a video to the network from the tablet - they all "upload" and hit 100% - then I get a "paste warning xxxxx was not copied over" (i've attempted a copy and paste, cut and paste, move) but the file still shows up in the network drive - so i attempted to open the file from the tablet - it failed, so attempted from other tablet, it failed.... but attempting from laptop - the file reads perfectly even videos.......

but when I read the same format files on the tablets that have been transfered to network drive from laptops - the files read perfectly...

Is there a fault in transferring from tablets to hdd or is it just not a possible thing at this point?

The mynet N750 has been promoted as being able to access videos etc via wifi on smartphones, tablets etc.... so I'm quite peeved that its not straightforward...

Hope someone can provide some clarity on this...and hope this post is not confusing...

27-10-2012, 06:54 PM
Just an update - I've played around with the settings - and tried a few apps on android, and i've managed to be able to read/write docs but not videos - doesnt help that Western Digital have a sticker on their box saying 24/7 customer service but their 0800 number on website next to NZ is way too long to be valid...frustrating for sure!...

checked website - definately says can stream to tablets....but their website and manual dont even provide instructions how to....!?!?!

28-10-2012, 11:14 AM
For streaming video, you may have to change some settings, might not be on by default? You may have to nominate which device(s) you can stream to?

I've just set up Windows MediaPlayer to stream video to my smart TVs; had to authourise each TV in Media Player first before it worked. Switched from hard wired to wifi dongle on one of the TV and have to re-authorise the new device even though it is the same TV (obviously with different mac address)