View Full Version : Way to recover files from faulty recycle bin?

26-10-2012, 01:30 PM
Something funny has happened to the recycle bin on an XP machine.

There are files in the bin and the icon shows that, but they don't show up in Explorer. Trying to empty the bin asks if I want to delete the items.

I can manually copy the files out but of course the names are not correct (DcXX). The INFO2 file shows the paths and names but I am not sure which ones match up.

Any ideas?

26-10-2012, 02:25 PM
Well, I managed to match up the original names\paths for each file\folder using this tool:

In doing so, I discovered there seemed to be a duplicate #27 entry for a folder that was no longer present in the recycle bin, the real Dc27 belonging to a .PSD file.

I'm not sure but perhaps this is the reason the recycle bin is not working. I tried editing the INFO2 file in a hex editor to remove that 2nd #27 entry but either I did it wrong or something else is a problem because the files still do not show up.

However, I have the files and their names now so I guess I can rename them and figure everything out anyway...