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21-10-2012, 06:20 PM
Hello gents, I am here to get suggestions on desktop components, from a case to everything else. I do have my own ideas, don't think I am coming on your forum to simply copy your idea and buy it, but whats the fun in just building what I think is good? I am not that tech-savvy, so I am looking for help. I have a pretty wide budget, being in the military and have relatively no bills, so ANY suggestion will be looked at, regardless of price. My only requirement is that it has a good, sound reason behind it, and it is not overly large. (I understand some components are big, but I have a semi-small space to work with.)

So, if you ever thought this or that would be wicked cool to see in a desktop, feel free to post it on up! I will post pictures and any logs you request once it is done. I plan on this being a 2-3 month project, and will keep everything updated.

This is being posted in multiple forums. I will post links to the active ones for if you want to see other peoples suggestions.

21-10-2012, 07:12 PM
If you want small but powerful consider an itx system in a case like http://www.computerlounge.co.nz/components/componentview.asp?partid=17016. You can build a full on gaming machine with an i5 or i7, a full size graphics card and a decent amount of hard drive space into one of these and it will still look tiny standing next to a regular PC.

Personally I'd put something like these in it;

Damn! I want to build it now.

I have a split personality with PCs I love building really small tidy super powerful systems with the intention of leaving them alone once done, but my current system is a giant full tower with 6 HDs an SSD and a massive 3 slot graphics card and I love it for ease of working on and fitting parts into.

21-10-2012, 07:52 PM
Haha I appreciate the advice and suggestions, specially the case. Im not completely sure if thats what im going to do yet, but if I do go super small thats the kinda case im going to get. I just gotta decide if I want a normal sized, and live with it, or smaller, and hope I dont wanna upgrade once I leave this base. Regardless, thanks, and believe me, im so psyched that I am building one haha

21-10-2012, 10:33 PM
There is a process (at least in theory) of choosing a system. Firstly choose the applications you want to use -> this will largely define the OS -> then the CPU -> then the MB -> expansion cards -> RAM -> HDD -> PSU.

21-10-2012, 11:22 PM
A full tower is nice as its got losts of space to work with and you know that you wont have any problems with fitting stuff.