View Full Version : Explorer invalid page fault - Window\system folder getting to Big

16-04-1999, 02:21 PM
Please I hope you can help me ;-)

1. I have the same problem that one of your reader had in your maginze (PC World May 1998, page 128, Bizarre problem with Windows 95) I have Windows 95 - 4.00.950 B, I have no service packs installed, my user.dat = 366KB and my system.dat = 2,225KB, both are far to small I think? As with the problem in May 1998, I too do not want to do a full re-install - can anyone help me?

2. I am told that the windows/system folder get full old .DLL's etc (mine is 109M including subfolders). Can I clean this up without a full re-install or do I have to hunt down all the programs that I want to keep (about 30) and reinstall them one at a time :-/

Cheers Wayne