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08-11-2001, 09:27 AM
My problems first started when changing from win95 to 98se - I did this to be able to use sky dish here in Dunedin as exchange is not capable of jet start.All went well and puter was up and running ok until a few error messages started to appear- this was finally traced to faulty 3 month old 256 meg memory- This has been replaced and now when trying to log on now the puter just restarts or freezes and the reset key has to be used... I have perused the microsoft resource centre and followed a few things one was checking the modems properties in the device manager - in the countries tab it was set to USA and when trying to reset this to NZ the computer locks up or restarts also...
Next I tied to check that the modem was responding ok with this DOS checker - but - when I tried to restart in DOS mode the puter just shuts down and has to be restarted again...
I am now on the 3rd clean instal of 98se thinking that maybe the first two may not have installed properly...
The modem is a 'Rockwell HCF 56k speakerphone PCI modem'
The CPU is an AMD K6- 2 450
I have no conflicts in device manager but am starting to wonder whether the modem itself is ok...^o^

08-11-2001, 09:54 AM
use sky dish? has sky got internet via satelite or do u mean ihug.

08-11-2001, 09:10 PM
I'm running an amd k6-2 450 & once had a dynalink 56k modem which i'm sure had a rockwell chip. Had nothing but problem's with the modem.
In fact went thru two of them, before changing to a swansmart with a lucent chip, it was cheaper & have not had any problem's, so far.
As for the puter restarting sorry can't help.

08-11-2001, 10:09 PM
Sorry tweak - yes it is an Ihug dish - after a talk with them during the first installation they said that if the modem card and sky media card were close together they could cause interference with each other- since then I have taken the sky media card out and uninstalled the cards software -
Allan D. (fud)

12-11-2001, 08:21 PM
these restart symptoms are identical to mine. it seems to be worse when i have just started the puter.
it will log on ok but as soon as i start IE or OE it will reboot.
have upgraded my ram to 163 using 128 pc133 to eliminate possible faulty ram. i now suspect the power supply as it is only 105 watts. this is my next step i think- will keep u posted. any comments would be appreciated.

13-11-2001, 09:20 AM
Hi Doug - well since my last posting i have had a friend over and we went thru a few things to try to sort this lot out - we changed modem drivers and tried to log but still had the puter lock up - so we moved the modem card to another slot and all went ok when we logged on the puter kept responding but could find no dial tone - when picking up the phone and listening at the same time as the modem was clicking in - u could hear it open the port but then that was all - My friend took the modem home with him to try it out on his computer and reports that it is working fine.. we tried the card back in its old slot again only to have the machine lock up once more...
Maybe the mother board has a glich somewhere - the plot doth thicken.... Tweaks comments are quite interesting there may lie the answer in compatibility....