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15-04-1999, 10:02 PM
I've just installed I.E.5, and with that O.E.5. My problem is with were O.E.5 wants to store its database files and newsgroup files. With O.E.4 I had them in a folder called 'mail' in the 'my documents' folder. This made it easy for backing up. I put all my important files in there and just copy it to a zip disk. When O.E 5 imported the database files on install it didn't ask me where I wanted to store them it just dumped them into the 'my documents' folder. To make things worse it gives the full title of all the newsgroups to which you are subsribed as well. Other people see me working and moving files around, I don't need them to see which news groups I frequent. Is there any way of putting these files in a folder that O.E.5 will recognise. Please advise, Andrew O'Callaghan