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14-09-2012, 12:17 PM
I acquired a Seagate Free Agent 320 External HD, to use as a back-up and Archive for Photos and other media held on my PC. This drive has 4 partitions.

I have not used this Drive for some months, and when I plugged it into a USB slot on my computer, it was not recognised . However the lights on theDrive come on when I fire up the computer. No problems with other USB connected devices.

I have played around and tried to find what caused this problem without success.

Any suggestions and solutions please.

Many thanks,
Ken Smith

14-09-2012, 01:02 PM
are you trying to get at the data, do you need to get at the data??
Stick it next to your ear, can you hear it spinning, clicking, clunking ??
Try another USB port(another PC) & usb cable . Dont use the front USB ports, for now.

If you dont need the data, see if Win detects the drive at all, via 'disk management'
If detected, reove all the partions & star again with reformat *** Only if data isnt need **
Remove it from the case & connect via PC's SATA cable

Backups need to be 100% reliable, this drive isnt. Dont use this HD for backups anymore,if you get it going.
In fact get 2 new USB HD's & alternate between them.

14-09-2012, 01:09 PM

Ive had two of these drives with this problem. The circuitboard in both of them died. Take the drive out of the freeagent case and either get another external drive case. The computer will still recognise it as a free agent drive with the backup software