View Full Version : 440LX support P2-350-MMX ?

04-11-2001, 09:56 PM
I am currently running a Pentium 2-266MHZ-MMX processor with 160MB RAM in a 440LX Micro-star mobo. I know that the motherboard only supports processors up to 333MHZ but is it possible to still use a P2-350. I realise that the P2-350 requires or supports a 100MHZ system bus, but i was told by a friend that it would still work but would downclock and run at 333MHZ in a 66MHZ bus.
Any suggestions appreciated.

04-11-2001, 10:41 PM
a couple of things to check. check the motherboard is cable of supplying the correct voltage. also check if there is an updated bios for the board. you may be able to run it at 350 or even a higher mhz cpu.