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04-11-2001, 03:53 PM
Foolishly fiddled - it's not working properly now. Heeelllp!!! How do I put it back to its default? Have I done it a real disaster?
Replies in words of one syllable please, I'm computer illiterate! Thanks

04-11-2001, 04:09 PM
...hello Pat,

some very clever people visit this Board (no, i'm not one of them) and help solve problems posted here by users.

But first - before they can start - the user must give some details of what their Operating System and Computer.

More importantly, the user must explain *exactly* what the problem is, what they might have done to cause the problem and what steps (if any) they have taken to correct the problem.

Your posting is a little bit short on any details so please post again.

No doubt someone will be able to assist you.



04-11-2001, 04:56 PM
I reckon, I mean what does normal.dot refer to?

I know a bit about computers but I am struggling to understand just what your problem is.

04-11-2001, 05:09 PM
I'm guessing you're referring to Normal.dot from Microsoft Word (whatever version).

To restore this back to its default, usually you can search for the file (normal.dot) on your computer and delete it, and Word should regenerate one (in default form) next time you start it.

Hope this works,


04-11-2001, 05:11 PM
Hello Pat,

Just go to c;\windows\application data\microsoft\templates and delete the normal.dot template, then just reboot your Pc, Word will create a new normal.dot complete with default settings upon reopening Word.


04-11-2001, 05:20 PM
I have to use more than one syllable words ... sorry.

Normal.dot is a file used in Microsoft Word as a Blank Page Template. It holds the settings for the page size, layout, default font size and type etc etc.

One way of fixing a corrupt Normal.dot is to delete it and it will re-create on start-up.

Step by Step:

Exit Microsoft Word

Click on Start, Programs and
Windows Explorer.

On the left you will see your main hard drive, which will most likely be called 'C' drive, click that once

On the Right Hand Side you will see all the yellow folders

Double click on Program Files folder

On the Left Hand side you will see the Folder Microsoft Office. Double click on this

You will then see a folder on the right hand side called Templates. Double click on this.

On the right hand side you will see a file normal.dot.

Click on this so that it is highlighted and press the delete key on keyboard. This will delete the file.

It should recreate when you start up Word again.