View Full Version : Anyone using Skydrive with Office 13??

Chemical Ali
27-07-2012, 10:23 PM

I'm running Windows 8 Release Preview with the Office 13 beta - just looking at SkyDrive and Office 13 as an alternative to Google Drive (which I'm currently using) for 3-4 family members. Is it possible to have multiple users (with different logins?) accessing the same Skydrive account??
Or do i need to set up seperate separate SkyDrive accounts for each family member and add each as a "place" in Office 13 apps such as Word on each of our laptops?


28-07-2012, 09:06 PM
With Skydrive you need to enter an account name and password, other wise it wont know where/what to log into.

The easiest way if you want to have various people accessing the files is make one up as a general account and every one you want uses the same user name/password. Then if you want to have separate accounts for your own personal items for each person make those up. The other way is to provide links, but that can be time consuming.

Keep in mind as well office 13 365 is a trial only, so as soon as it goes RTM, you will have to pay to use the service.http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/compare-plans.aspx

That wont stop you from buying MS office and uploading documents to skydrive.

31-07-2012, 06:21 AM
1 Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID) per person is the best way to set this up

Then find the document you want to share and share it out to the other users from SkyDrive or one of the Office 2013 apps