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25-07-2012, 10:20 AM
Man sentenced to 50 years for double murder in Torreon, Arizona (USA)

HOLBROOK One of the men who helped brutally stab two people to death in a Torreon home in April of last year will be spending at least the next half century behind bars without hope of getting out before he is an old man.

Aleksys Lomeli Garcia, 20, was sentenced, Friday, July 13, to two consecutive life terms (25 years each), plus 10 years, for the murders of 46-year-old Christina Lynne Wollesen-Felton and 45-year-old Kevin Richard Meisinger by visiting Navajo County Superior Court Judge Robert Van Wyck, after pleading guilty on July 16 of this year when he accepted a plea agreement from Navajo County Attorney Brad Carlyon.

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