View Full Version : Shameless request for votes

23-07-2012, 02:37 PM
Just as the title says.

There is a competition my gaming group is involved in and the prize is a new computer for our Guild-Master.
She is the most caring and supportive person you could meet and we all want to do whatever we can to help her. The current computer she has is disconnecting all the time and is on its last legs, she has done so much for the guild and we want to get this computer for her.

This competition is open to any site that is hosted on Guild Life - That means that a group that does not even play our game could win this competition which is sponsored by The Secret World, We would like to win but more importantly we want a TSW group to win.

At the moment we are ahead but there is a French group catching up to us very fast, we get about 60 - 80 votes a day and they are getting around 100, we have watched the votes and they all come in in blocks so we think they are cheating. We are not willing to do that so we are tapping every resource we have to get more legitimate votes.

Any one can register and vote, you can vote once a day and you do not need to receive anything except the "welcome" email from Guild Life.
I would appreciate it so much if some of you (or even all of you would be great) could help us with this.


26-07-2012, 10:35 AM
Thanks to anyone that saw this and voted its much appreciated.
We have lost the lead now but we are still in the running if their votes drop off so we are still trying.

So anyone voting please continue and we would welcome any additional voters also.