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12-07-2012, 03:19 AM
I can think of more than ten of them - but let's just keep the list short.

For me a bad movie is one where you can see the zippers on the back of the aliens skin or the continuity falls out of logical sequence. I also dislike those movies where a fistfight has incredibly bad 'sweetening' on the foley stage to make the hits sound harder and more devastating.

I also dislike scenes where someone gets beat half to death in one scene and then gets back up and wipes the floor with his assailant - or gang of assailants.

Cardboard scenery - puppets for monsters - Styrofoam planets hanging on visible wires - drivers twitching steering wheels left and right constantly - tires squealing when the vehicle is stopped - it goes on.

Here's a starter list - some of which I am not proud to have seen - but youth, ignorance and generally wanting to get my full-fare outta the movie ticket that I paid for are reasons to watch them until the closing credits:::

1) Carwash
2) Repo Man
3) The Crawling Eye
4) Mars Needs Earth Women
5)The Poseidon Adventure
6) Xanadu
7) Plan 9 From Outer Space
8) Candy
9) Howard The Duck
10) Escape From New York

Pink Flamingos, Mom And Dad Save The Earth, ("Marge, Marge. I Love You ------ LARGE") Modern Problems, Black Like Me, and Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx are some other stinkers.

Admittedly, some of these were shown on late night TV where any offensive language and some scenes are deleted to pass the requirements of keeping such things off 'normal' television. Expurgated films show that way here in the US.

Looking back and proofreading this, I see I wasted a lot of my youth (and money) on bad movies. Some were so bad that I chose to NOT see them::: Southern Fried Movie, Head, Raising Arizona, Urban Cowboy, Blackula, Scream And Scream Again. All big yuckers, to be sure.

12-07-2012, 11:01 AM
This is a hard one Joe, i had to refer to the internet and only chose movies i have seen, not just ones people have told me is crap
I cant remember what i did last week so google is helpful

1) Battlefield Earth
2) Lawnmower man2
3)Son of the Mask
4) Dumb and Dumberer
5)Twillight saga
8) speed2
9) Hairspray
10) Escape From LA (New York was actually ok)

Lots of sequels, only made because the first one was a popular movie

12-07-2012, 11:54 AM
I've seen a lot of bad movies and tend to forget the names almost immediately so I couldn't really come up with 10. A couple standouts I agree with on Gobe1's list though
1. Battlefield Earth
2. Dumb and Dumberer
3. Highlander 2

Add to that
3. Diamond dog
4. highlander 3..
5. Ghost rider 2 (ok maybe not top 10 but horribly dissapointing)

I have a problem with these threads though, they tend to turn into a thread about bashing CURRENT movies people have seen and don't like for Various reasons rather than a genuine attempt to think of the 10 worst movies EVER.

For example Gobe1 mentions the Twilight saga, I can accept that he doesn't like it or even hates it, but in the top 10 worst movies ever?? seems like a stretch to me. The filming is good, the acting mostly ok, some of the scenery is gorgeous, the special effects are well done (even if giant wolves are a bit over the top), and the storyline is mostly coherent. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's classic cinema and it's clearly aimed at a mostly female teen audience with what appears to be the authors romanticised vampire fantasy as the main theme, but I'm sure there are more than 10 movies that are worse.

On the other hand though, people are entitled to their opinions and it's not something someone else can tell you is wrong.

12-07-2012, 12:09 PM
2) Repo Man
9) Howard The Duck
I really enjoyed those movies :-(
Repo man is almost a cult classic (were there a few different 'repo man' movies ??)

Gotta agree with Plan9. Unwatchable,its like a 9 year old made a movie with zero budget.

12-07-2012, 12:12 PM
Oh yeah Ghostrider 2, i turned it off, forgot about that!

12-07-2012, 01:37 PM
The Rabbit Trap should hold the first 27 positions for the abomination of eternity. I watched it for about 12 minutes in Christchurch, but scuttled out after 97.875% of the audience had already run for it. A major fire would have caused a more leisurely evacuation, the only thing it lacked was Ballmer in a tutu, but he may not have been born then.