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01-11-2001, 05:38 PM
Further to my earlier post re slow internet/adsl on a networked Win 98 computer, I seem to have dug myself a bit of a hole and need some help to get out.

Before installing the PCI 10/100 NIC (see previous post today for details) I deleted the drivers for the D-Link card. Once I found that the DSE card was not operating stabley (dropping connections etc) I tried to reinstall the D-Link. I didn't have a driver disk so I downloaded what appeared to be the right driver but it is for a plug n pray version (DE-220E PCT). Under the W98 install guide it talks about the card being detected at boot but mine is not being detected at all.

I can't find anything on the net to help me and D-Link's site seems to disown the De220E as it is not in any of the drop down lists. The card I have is the De220E Rev B1.

This machine handles all of my email so I want to get it going again asap. Right now even connection at 10kbps sounds great.
Any clues on where I can find installation instructions, drivers or other info to get this card back to life?

01-11-2001, 06:22 PM
Hi Ive managed to get the NIC recognised by windows using the add hardware wizard but I seem to be short on IRQs.

Every number came up with a star indicating a conflict so on the basis that it had managed to coexist in the past I put it on 11 which had the label IRQ hlder for PCI steering. That was no go as it cause a reboot into safe mode. I disabled the card in device manager and it booted ok.

Here is the list of my IRQs and what is on them. Which one is the likeliest candidate for peaceful coexistence with a network card?

01 keyboard, 02 Programmable interrupt controller, 03 COM2, 04 COM1. 05 'In use by unknown device', 06 Floppy controller, 07 LPT1, 08 system CMOS/real time clock,
09 Sound card, 10Video card + USB Host Controller + 2 x IRQ holder for PCI Steering, 11 NIC (disabled), 12 Mouse, 13 Numeric data processor, 14 Bus Master IDE Controller + Primary IDE, 15 Bus master IDE Controller + Secondary IDE Controller.

Although the NIC seems to be alone on IRQ 11, enabling it again caused an instant freeze and automatic reboot. Thereboot goes right through to completion this time but the NIC has a red cross over it in device manager even though it shows as enabled.

Jim :-(

01-11-2001, 07:27 PM
If only IBM had designed it right...Of that lot, your choices are 3,4,5. The common ISA to grab 5 was a soundblaster card. 7 used to be available because IBM stuffed up the printer interface and it almost always had to be polled. But with modern interfaces, you can probably say it is not available.If you are not using both COM ports, disable one of them and give the IRQ to the DE220. I'd give it a go on 5 first, though. The other thing to try is software. Many of the ISA cards had a NE2000 compatibility mode. The NE driver set it up. But I don't know if that would work in W98 etc.

02-11-2001, 08:11 AM
It sounds like you have got into a right mess.

I'd start again, IRQ5 having a unknown device means something is not fully installed yet. Probably your joystick that gets installed automatically when the soundcard gets installed or its the nic trying to install.

Goto device manager, remove, the unknown device, remove the nic on 11, and any other nics that have tried to install.

shut down, phisically remove your nic card-cards, reboot.

Sort out the unknown device first, if it reappears.
You may need a driver that came with your sound card, or direct windows to the driver if it is listed.

Shut down again, if every thing looks ok in device manager.

Phisically install the PCI nic, if when you reboot windows doesn't recognize the nic, or can't find a driver automatically, which is quite likely because the card is newer than win98, then you have to say have disk and insert the disk you must have got with the new PCI nic.

If windows just boots up and sees nothing, then run add new hardware wizard and let windows search for new hardware. It may then come up with unknown device, go have disk, and direct windows to the nic driver disk.

Remember when it is installed properly this time, you will have to set up your TCP\IP settings all over again in network neighbourhood properties.