View Full Version : Watch it - if you have boots with a wavy tread.

26-06-2012, 08:52 PM
The Police are up to their usual stupid tricks. According to them if you have boots with a wavy tread you must be guilty of the murder of Scott Guy. About as stupid as the wrist watch which was 'crucial' evidence in the case of the murdered Swedish tourist several years ago. They found his skeleton and the watch was still on it. Those divers boots were produced in large numbers, as were the watches.
I have seen Gum boots with the same tread pattern.

A friend was in prison for murder, managed to get out after it was discovered that the Police had lost the original knife and substituted it with another. The "murder" weapon was a skinning knife with a turned up end sharpened on the back, as they are. The weapon produced as evidence was a normal kitchen knife. Forensic evidence showed that death was caused by the "victim" pulling the knife out and cutting an artery. The charge was reduced to manslaughter. Justifiable in this case!

26-06-2012, 08:56 PM
It also appears it is the wrong size boot anyway