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31-10-2001, 08:01 PM
Following my perious post, yes I have done a defrag (heaps) my per. post went:

Hi, I've got win95 with overclocked p75 to 100, 32mb edo ram, 850 mb hard d with Canon BJC-210. Now just today, when I'm trying to rush some work on the computer, the printer comes up with the following messsage making me not been able to see colour difference between DARK black and LIGHTER black (such as gray. The message is:
Internal error: Colour adjustment methods will not be available. ... OK?/Cancel?

If I click ok it just prints things that i cannot see the colour difference. And if I click cancel it says:

You do not have enough free memory to use BJ Series Printer Driver. Please close used windows and applications, and try again.

Ok, now I didn't have any problems before, not even when I had 8mb ram. and secondly, yes, the drivers i use is meant to be BJ even though its a bjc model and I have reinstalled the drivers but still makes no difference. So has anybody experienced the same problem or know what I can do to stop this problem. Many thanks.

31-10-2001, 10:02 PM
What you want to do is change things one at a time to narrow down the problem.

Install the printer on another machine with the same drivers, if it works, then it isnt the printer itself.

Install with the correct BJC drivers, see what difference that makes.

At least you can eliminate the printer itself as the source of the problem, at best you find exactly what the problem is and its fixed.

02-11-2001, 01:19 AM
First of all I would suggest you un-overclock your chip. It's not a cool idea. The extra speed you get (25 MHz in this case) will not even be noticeable and can cause all manner of weird faults to appear, even if everything has been going great for quite some time.
2nd hand Pentium 300s and Celeron CPUs are cheap now, invest in one to get some decent speed.
Next I would go to www.drivershq.com and get the right drivers for your printer. Delete the old printer installation from your machine and install the printer fresh with the new drivers.