View Full Version : Can't Fax

13-04-1999, 07:42 PM
Before I installed Netscape Communicator 4.5 I was able to make a word.doc and fax it via the Send to/Fax recipient using MS Fax. However after installing Netscape, whenever I sent to a fax recipient, Netscape would start up. I've tried fixing the problem by reinstalling MS fax through Add/Remove programmes and reinstalled win95osr2. Now when I send a fax I get the error message 'Word could not find the fax wizard, please run set-up again to instal it.' (Which I've done 3 times) How can I fix it so I can use MS Fax for faxing but keep Netscape as I like it. Also what is an 'OEM' product as I was selling Office 95
and a guy asked if it was an OEM (which he didn't want I think.)