View Full Version : Socket Error

30-10-2001, 07:26 PM
After an unspecified time of being online - usually a minute or two the following error appears on the screen:

Socket error:(11001), on API ASync Lookup.

Can anyone shed any light on what maybe causing this?

31-10-2001, 11:33 AM
Just a stab here.
The error message is associated with Domain Name Server lookup. Your ISP will normally have a DNS where a name you type into the address box gets converted to a numeric IP address.
Its just possible that your TCP/IP details have an error.
To check, open My Computer, open Dial Up Networking, right click on your dial-up connection, click Properties,
click Server Types, and then click on TCP/IP settings button.

Assuming you dont have a permanent IP make sure that the box 'Server assigned IP address' is checked. Also look at the DNS domain name server section and see if there are addresses entered there as given by your ISP. If you dont know what they should be, give your Internet Service Provider a ring to find out whether you should enter addresses here, or whether you should check the 'Server Assigned' box.
If you have a helpful ISP they should be able to tell you the answer to this problem.