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If you drop a needle on the original version of “Love to Love You Baby” just as you're beginning this appreciation of Donna Summer, the so-called Queen of Disco who died Thursday at age 63, you would probably be finished reading long before the song ended. It has to be that long -- there's a world of impact there.

The epic 17-minute jam introduced Summer to America with some of the most memorable moans in pop music history, and over the following decade the Boston-born diva went on to become one of the most popular vocalists in the world. Her influence on pop music -- especially during the birth of electronic dance music -- goes far beyond those moans, and even they helped tilt American culture.

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I just now noticed that this is already posted. Sorry.

However - I have a little twist to it here::: Donna Summer and Rush Limbaugh. A duo that could have been?

Limbaugh, it turns out, was a big fan of the "Queen of Disco."

Summer, who died Thursday at age 63, is being celebrated from all sectors of the entertainment industry on Twitter, Facebook, TV. Limbaugh's tribute came on his radio show.

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“It really is sad,” Limbaugh said of the five-time Grammy winner. “We grew up with Donna Summer. I met Donna Summer one time and her husband on an airplane. She and her husband, after the flight took off, came up to me and introduced themselves, and we had a nice conversation. They were nice as they could be.”

Limbaugh said he played her records often in his early days as a disc jockey and when he was producing Kansas City Royals games.

But even in death Limbaugh chose to see division rather than unison.

“She was one of us,” Limbaugh said, noting that she was a "committed Christian."

"She was a right-winger," he told listeners. "She came to hate the smut on the radio. She was not a fan of rap music at all."

Limbaugh closed the segment by calling Summer a "pioneer" in her field.

“There’s no question,” he said.

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Yeah Trev - I saw it after I clicked. But I had some Limbaugh in it.

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Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, the Austin Lounge Lizards have a song called "Half a man", in which Rush gets a mention something along the lines of
" I listen to Rush Limbaugh,
it helps to ease the pain,
makes a lot of sense,
to a man with half a brain"