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30-10-2001, 01:30 PM
Over the weekend I did the P.C. Pitstop Readness test, which I got to through PCWorld.com. Everything is fine except the BIOS and some software. On the matter of the BIOS it said that the BIOS was created before 1st Jan 2000 and that Microsoft has indicated that there could be problems. I have spent ages finding out what BIOS is on the computer. This is the information I got. Bios ID: 2A6LGM4BC, BIOS Date: 10/20/98, BIOS sign on: 10/20/98-692-596-W977-2A6LGM4BC.00, BIOS Type: Award Modulular BIOS v4.51PG, SuperI/O: Winbond 977EF rev4 found at port 3FOH, Chipset: VIA 82C691 rev 68 (VIA Apollo Pro Plus 692/594), OEM Sign on: W6156VAMS v2.2.111599, OEM: Microstar and finally Board/BIOS Version W6156 VAMSv2.2.111599. I basically would like to know if I do need to update the BIOS and where in NZ do I get them from. I have sent a e-mail to Microstar in Australia but as yet have not heard from them. The computer has a Intel Pentium III 600MHZ. One other question. I have been told that it is better to do a clean install of Windows XP rather than an upgrade, I have been told this by several different people. But one husband and one son are worried about losing all the information on the computer if one unistalls WIN98 SE before putting XP on, views please. I am doing the homework before buying XP Professional and once that is all sorted then I will be able to make a decision on whether to get XP. I would like to but if the cost add up it might be better to stay with WIN98 crash prone that it is. Thank you

30-10-2001, 04:47 PM
Have you got the documentation that tells you the name of your motherboard, if you have you can go to that site on the need and using the serial numbers you have find the bios download. Make sure you read the documentation or get some to help you update it. The via chipset settings can be gotten from their website. It may pay to ask the retailer your purchase XP from to update it for you. It's not a big job for a technician and he'd be easily able to find out the make of your motherboard when he opened the case.

30-10-2001, 05:35 PM
This is mainly concerning ACPI and its features, where older motherboards have little or no support for it. I have had no problems running XP on older machines.

03-11-2001, 10:32 AM
I doubt that you will have any problems with the BIOS, I installed XP on my old Celeron 450, which was built before 2000 with an Award bios chip and haven't had any bios-related problems. As for the install of XP, it automatically removes all previous versions of windows before installing itself cleanly. It keeps all your old windows settings though, so no worries. Mine has so far run pretty well, the install was easy and apart from a few expected niggles, things are going fine.