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28-10-2001, 03:05 PM
Been reading the threads on Dick Smith's 128 mb ram deal. I have a 300 MHz Intel pentium 2 Celeron, with 64 MB ram. The Main Board Users Manual says this about the memory : 3 of 168-pin DIMM up to 348MB DIMM for JEDEC 3.3V type SDram. If I can use the 128mb add-on (?) would it be as a replacement or additional Ram ? My friendly amateur tech-guy doubts that the pin configuration on my old gear is the same as the D/Smith set-up.Help appreciated.

28-10-2001, 03:33 PM
my brother is using DSE 128 ram in his P166mmx I think 133 ram is backwards compatible

28-10-2001, 03:52 PM
It sounds like you will be allright to just add it to what you have got now.

You have Dimm slots (168 pin), as opposed to Simm slots (72 pin) that your friend is thinking of.

Your existing 64mb will be 100mhz, and that is probably all your board can run at, so your new one from Dick Smiths which is 133mhz will only run at 100mhz.

That won't matter a bit, the increase in ram should make a pleasing difference.

28-10-2001, 03:59 PM
Just thinking some more.

You should have a look and make sure you have 3 Dimm slots, It's unusual for a board that old, they usually had 4 Simms and 1 Dimm.

If the 64mb is in Simms then you may have to take that out to make the Dimm work.

28-10-2001, 06:18 PM
Hi Barry,
You should be able to just add the RAM to the 64mb just fine. If it doesn't work, try putting the 128 in where the 64 is, and move the 64 to the next spare slot.
If this doesn't work you may need to remove the 64 altogether.

In the long run, if the 128mb doesn't work in your system, Dick Smith still have their no-questions-asked 7 day return, where they'll refund you in full. That's what they said to me when I bought some.

28-10-2001, 09:11 PM
Remember to touch the case before inserting ram or touching m/b, be cautious of static electricity it can kill. Circuitry.