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28-10-2001, 12:52 AM
Quick Search.exe is a program 'hidden' in IE that can make searches easier and quicker once you have it set up with your favourite search engine.

Open IE and select; Favourites, Links, and click on Quick Search.exe.
A window should open showing ?Available Quick Search shortcuts?.
If you scroll through them you will notice that Google is not listed.
To add Google, go to www.google.com and type %s into the search box and press Enter.
Right click on the Address Bar and click on Copy.
Open Quick Search and click on New.
In Shortcut type g
In Search select Custom URL
Right click in the URL panel and click on Copy. Click on OK and Save.
That?s it all done. To see if it works, click on the Address Bar, type g langa and press Enter (note the space after the first g).
This should take you to Fred Langa?s Home Page, where you will be able to subscribe to a very good FREE newsletter. This is where I found out what Quick Search could do.

You can add just about any search engine, as long as its' URL will fit on the 2 lines in the URL panel (sorry PCWorld?s won't fit). Just use different letters as the shortcut for each. To use Quick Search all you have to do is type the shortcut into the Address Bar, followed by a space and then the Keyword etc. that you want to search for.

Here are a few that work;

Have fun, Brendan