View Full Version : Com Port problem or not??

27-10-2001, 10:13 PM
I have a 56k dial up modem and have no difficulty dialing into my default ISP. I also have a zfree account which is difficult to dial into until after 11p.m. Recently I expored the properties of my modem and found the following: Under Start|settings|control panel|system|device manager|Ports (Com &LPT) I have Communications Port (Com1) & Epson Printer Port (LPT1). When I check the properties of Com1 I find some of my modem settings.

While still in the control panel, when I check Modems|Diagnostics, Com1 shows No modem installed, while Com2 shows the name of my modem. Does anyone have an explanation for this difference please.

27-10-2001, 11:15 PM
You'll probably find that there is a mouse on com1 (unless you're running a PS2 or USB one). Com2 was the common port for a modem to be on in days past, tho' it still should show up in the device manager. However, I used to get my com2 appear as com5. Never could make it display correctly, yet it worked perfectly. If yours works, let sleeping dogs lie! :-)

27-10-2001, 11:20 PM
COM1 is the 9pin socket on the back of your computer (useful for connecting real modems to) and your winmodem (software based modem) is faking COM2.

The settings for COM1 are the speed settings for the port itself.

28-10-2001, 07:14 AM
Don't worry everything is as it should be.
Com 1 is a physical port and has nothing to do with your modem.
Com 2 is a virtual port, setup by your modem.

28-10-2001, 10:38 AM
Thanks for your feedback everyone. As you say it works, so leave it alone, which I have.